Finding graves or locations of
cremated remains
These pages provide some help
for anyone trying to trace the
grave(s) of specific family
There are 3 tools:
cross-referring to the Register of
 listed by
their number with  the name of
the deceased, the reference
number(s) in the Register of
Burials, and the kind of memorial
3 A
plan of the churchyard
A rule of thumb for the use
of these tools would be
1 Check the name of the
person/family you are
searching for from the
 In some cases there will be
many names, which often
means further searching on
the Register of Graves for the
particular family member you
are concerned with.
There may, of course, be
times when a repeated name
has no family connections.
2 When you have the reference
of the plot/grave from the
Register, you can look for the
location on the
. There is first an index
page which gives a rough idea
of where in the churchyard the
reference refers, and there are
close-up sections of the area -
01, 02, &c.
How to start researching your family tree