www.wrington.net The occasional interment of cremated remains is acceptable in the general churchyard area. Small memorial plaques are permitted on top of graves where cremated remains are interred subsequent to burials. Cremated remains should preferably be put into the ground without a box although a container which is biodegradable is acceptable.   1.       Headstones (including any plinth) shall be no more that 1200mm (4 feet) high  above ground, 900mm       (3 feet) wide and 180 mm (7 inches) thick and no less than 750mm (2  feet 6 inches) high above ground,        500mm (1 foot 8 inches) wide and 75mm (3 inches) thick, and shall not be erected within 1200mm (4 feet)       of the outer wall of the church. The stone should preferably be sunk without any plinth having one-third of        its total length below ground level. Alternatively, the headstone may be securely fixed below the level of the        turf to a ground anchorage complying with British Standard 8415 or giving an equivalent degree of stability. 2. Crosses no more than 1200mm (4 feet) high above ground are acceptable. 3. Horizontal ledgers (over burials) shall be just below the level of the turf and measure not more than 2100mm (7 feet) x 900mm (3 feet) nor less than 1200mm (4 feet) x 600mm (2 feet). 4. Memorial plaques over cremated remains shall be just below the level of the turf and measure not more than 450mm (18 inches) x 400 mm (16 inches). 5. Vases shall be separate – measuring not more than 300mm x 200mm x 200mm (12 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches) 6. Monuments may be of natural wood or natural stone. Stones traditionally used in local buildings or closely similar to them in colour and texture are appropriate.   7. Stone shall not be polished or reflective.  8. Black and pearl granite, marble of any colour, synthetic stone and plastic shall not be permitted.   9. A monument shall not include any raised kerb, railings, stone or other chippings, picture or photograph,  built-in vase container, statuary or bird bath. All monuments shall be simple in shape.  No colour shall be introduced except black, white or gold. 10. No advertisement or trade-mark shall be inscribed on the monument, but the name of the mason may be incised at the side or on the reverse of a headstone in unpainted and unleaded letters no more that 13mm in height. 11. Responsibility for the safe installation of any memorial rests with the monumental mason. The person who purchased the memorial, and after that person's death the heirs of the deceased, have an ongoing liability for its maintenance in a safe condition. 12. Artificial flowers or foliage are not permitted in the Churchyard with the exception of Remembrance Day wreaths. All Saints PCC 2010