The Revd Judith Malins: Sermon on the Eucharist                Sunday, 14th July, 2013
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The Revd Judith Malins at Butcombe recently
The readings at this service were Deuteronomy 30.9-14 and Luke 10.25-37 This sermon was preached at the 9.30am service and was, as Judith herself says, “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” She outlines the major differences of understanding of, and approach to, the Eucharist which are held within the Anglican church. Because the Anglican tradition is a broad one, these differences are not mutually exclusive. None can be said to be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in relation to the others. One of her key motives in giving this sermon, a point she makes repeatedly, is to urge the duty of all to be prepared to listen to the alternative views which are equally recognised within the overall Anglican communion, and accept their validity alongside their own. The breadth of the Anglican tradition means it does not give preference to one approach over another, and the differences need to be seen and understood in love. Anything less diminishes that tradition in the sight of Christians and non-Christians alike. The pastoral care and prayerfulness evident in this sermon makes it a valuable resource to retain. RT 21.7.13
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