Course on the Gospel of Matthew by Francis Montagu                Session 1: Tuesday, 28th January, 2014
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MATTHEW 1-4   1 ANSWERS QUESTION WHO AND HOW? Genealogy What is the significance of ( 1) Abraham (2) David (3) The women (4) the 3 sets of generations and the 3 defining events What does the Isaiah prophecy of the virgin/ young woman mean? 2 WHERE AND WHEN What is the significance of the Magi, their gifts, Herod, the prophecies- Matthew's 'formula' use of prophecy (disputes over OT with Pharisees/ Rabbis) What OT event does the slaughter of the innocents remind us of What events does this opposition anticipate ? 3 JOHN THE BAPTIST What is the significance and the 'difficulty' of Jesus ' baptism 4 TEMPTATIONS What OT event does this remind us of ? It is said Jesus endured these temptations throughout his ministry - at what times and ways ? The beginning of the minisrtry- the significance of (a) the final prophecy ' land of Zebulun.... (b) Matthew's summary- teaching, preaching and healing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
MATTHEW'S GOSPEL - OUTLINE OF 4 SESSION COURSE John Feriton -Penguin Commentary Dick France- TNTC Commentary THE 5 SECTIONS OF TEACHING all ending' when Jesus had said these things ' ( finally'ali these things') 5-7 Sermon on the Mount- Entry into the Kingdom 10 Ministry of the Apostles 13 Parables 18 Church 25 Coming of the Kingdom SUMMARY OF THE GOSPEL (1) BIRTH AND PREPARATION OF JESUS 1 Genealogy and birth of Jesus- Abraham and David 2 The Magi and Herod 3 John the Baptist and baptism 4 Temptations and the beginning of the ministry in Galilee of the Gentiles (Isaiah) (2) PUBLIC MINISTRY IN AND AROUND GALILEE 5-7 Sermon on the Mount- Moses 8-9 Healings and miracles - Jesus as Lord in deeds as well as words 10 Commission to the Apostles 11-12 Rejection 13 Parables- fruitful and fruitless-explains 11 and 12 14 -17 Discipleship - 14-15 Feedings of 5000 and 4000 16 First part (3) PRIVATE MINISTRY IN GALILEE- PREPARING THE DISCIPLES 16 Peter's Confession of faith 17 Transfiguration and announcement of suffering and death 18 Teaching about the Church and relationships (4) MINISTRY IN JUDAEA AND JERUSALEM 19-22 Journey to Jerusalem 21 Entry into Jerusalem 22 Debates in the Temple 23 Seven woes 24 Prophecy of future judgment 25 Parables of future judgment (wise and foolish virgins, talents, sheep and goats) (5) PASSION AND RESURRECTION 26-27 Arrest Trial and Crucifixion 28 Resurrection HOW MATTHEW SAW HIMSELF 13.52 MATTHEWS SOURCES 1.MARK 2. Q 3. M (eg ch 1 and 2 , Material about Peter walking on water /on this rock / the temple tax , asking about forgiveness, Pilate's wife's dream Judas' death) IMMANUEL- THE BEGINNING AND THE END 1.23 and 28.20