Licensing of the Revd Andrew Hemming at Christ Church, Redhill                Thursday, 23rd January, 2015
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The licensing of Andrew Hemming as Associate Priest of Christ Church within the Benefice of Wrington with Butcombe and Burrington, was performed by the Ven Andy Piggott, Archdeacon of Bath. Refreshments were served afterwards in Redhill Club. In order to have some record of the event, one of the members of All Saints’, Wrington, church choir videoed it from his place in the bass section, so it was clearly not going to be possible both to sing and use the camera at the same time ! It would also not have been appropriate to keep moving to the best positions around the church for each stage of the proceedings. The resulting video is necessarily, therefore, only a partial record of this very special occasion, and you are asked to bear this in mind, and forgive the inevitable awkwardnesses. It is hoped, nevertheless, that the sense of engagement felt by all those present, can to some small measure, be communicated to you.
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Andrew with the Archdeacon Andrew welcomed by Kate Sax Andrew at the reception after the service Andrew with Tim Hawkings, Rector of Axbridge, and Richard Taylor, Rural Dean Moment of installation by Nicholas Maddock, Rector of Wrington Welcome by Redhill wardens Welcome by Butcombe wardens Welcome by Burrington wardens Revd Jane Chamberlain (tlhc) at reception Welcome by Lay Readers