Bill Crook & family visit All Saintsí                Monday, 27th June, 2016
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All Saintsí Church
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                             Sharon’s partner Tim,      daughter Sharon,              Kathy,                        Bill Bill Crook, a Wringtonian living in Hamilton, New Zealand, has been a weekly reader of Wrington website (Fridays, actually) since shortly after it went live in December, 1999. In fact, a scan through the Schmoose pages reveals much of past times, people and places in the village, in his many entries and those of his brother Alistair. This probably explains why they’re so keen on reading Trevor Wedlake’s writings on similar themes. It was Bill’s suggestion for the website running a Wrington ‘Day in the Life of the World’ in 2003 On Sunday, 26th June, Bill and his family came to stay for a couple of nights at the Ship & Castle, Congresbury and meet up with local friends and relations, before going on a European river cruise. Bill said that no visit ‘home’ would be complete without coming to All Saints’, which they duly did on Monday, 27th morning. He sat in the pew where, as a small boy he used to listen with scarcely rapturous attention, to the then Rector, the Revd Arthur Chetwynd-Talbot. He remembered with affection ‘Miss Perry’ (not ‘Vera’ Perry to his generation !), and found numerous names of family and friends in the churchyard. One final destination before departing - Trevor’s house.