All Saintsí in use again: Photographic record by Bob Bowen                Friday, 21st April, 2017
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All Saintsí Church
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Having been closed for some months for a considerable reordering operation to take place, the first service was held in the church on Palm Sunday, and finishing touches were still going on when Bob Bowen explored the results of all the work with his camera on Friday, 21st April. For all his working life, Bob has been reflecting events, personalitles and locations around the village and surrounding North Somerset area, through the local media. From his meticulous analysis of the reordered interior of All Saints’, it’s possible to recognise the detail of what’s been done. The pews at the back of the church have been removed to create a flexible space for a range of uses - meetings, exhibitions, children’s activities, socialising after services. The remaining pews were temporarily removed during the installation of underfloor heating, covered by Purbeck stone matching the remainder of the stonework. With those pews back in place, supplementary seating, stored by the vestry, will be used for those times when the church is full - funerals, weddings, concerts, Remembrance Sunday, carol concerts, &c. The Chancel step has been widened considerably to give more performance space in front of the screen. Much care has been taken to match the existing stone surface, and replace part of the step with a gentle slope enabling anyone using a wheelchair to gain access to the Chancel/choir area and the Lady Chapel. A successful public subscription made possible the decorative restoration of the Chancel ceiling. Around the walls matching cupboards and a servery are in place, the font sits more conveniently straight on the floor, its plinth having been removed, and the entrance from the south door made more convenient.