Nativity Festival 2018                Saturday/Sunday 1st-2nd December, 2018
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All Saints’ Church
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The success of last year’s trial of inviting any families or individual people in the Wrington area, to loan the church, for a couple of days, the figures and other items which they traditionally use to mark the approach of Christmas in their homes, meant that a re-run this year was a cert. The notes which came with many of the exhibits made it clear that their significance to those families stretched further back in time than the current or recent years, and carried memories of often very personal and significant value than just ‘what we do at Christmas’. It’s a different way to achieve that same range of seasonal meanings which we stir up when we sing carols. As a community, we must be grateful to all who permit us a glimpse, through an exhibition like this, of their very personal histories, and to those church members who put in the hours to make sure the event happens at all, and do all the hard - and very rapid construction work, and return the building to a fit state to house all the other events which will make this year’s season no less significant for the present generation.