NHS 70th anniversary Celebratory Evensong                Sunday, 8th July, 2018
Wrington Website
All Saints’ Church
The format of this service, the brainchild of the Rector, the Revd David Gent, was expanded from the usual practice of taking place in the Chancel, for 3 good reasons. A much larger congregation, in view of the theme - and it emerged during the service that nearly half of those present were working or had worked in the NHS; the choir were deployed, under the direction of Fern Urquhart, as in cathedral Evensong - singing an anthem, Thou visitest the earth by Greene, and as a postlude The Revd Eli Jenkins Prayer from Under Milk Wood and, in place of a sermon, a fascinating conversation between the Rector and two GPs, residents of Wrington, husband and wife, Dr Charles Dixon, who practises in Lawrence Hill, Bristol, and Dr Kate Dixon, who works in Weston-super-Mare. Their well-planned but informal conversation proved most illuminating. The service itself was conducted by the Revd Andrew Hemming, priest-in-charge of Christ Church, Redhill, who concluded the service with an extremely pertinent and moving Franciscan blessing. For many of those attending, a highlight of the evening was the attendance of Dr Norman Tricks, who built up the surgery in Wrington over many years from its origins under Dr Bell.
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