Daily Retreat                                   Day 77	    Contributor: David Gent	     Saturday 6th June
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All Saints’ Church
Prayers for this week Unwell/Recovering within the Benefice: Mervyn Alexander, Mary Aliband, John Bennett, Robin Brooks, Valerie Tincknell Outside the Benefice: Sheila Aumiller, Harry Banks, Sheila Campbell, Danny Carroll, Sheila Doleman, Phoebe Dowling, Tom Ekin, Tracey Gray, Henry Schofield, Emily Warburton, Ann, Sara, Sarah Years’ Mind: Janice Cutler, Vera Coles, John Marsh, Marjorie Kinsman, Mike Bush, Derek Plumley, Doreen Wood, Beryl Fairey Recently departed: Geirge Bond, Constance Durie, Paul Henderson, Mary Hulbert, Alex Keel, Audrey Plumley, Dot Portas, Stella Roberts Nationally / Internationally: Staff and patients at Weston General Hospital following teh recent increase in cases of Covid 19 there For our schools as they continue preparations for the return of some pupils this month Those who are concerned for their jobs after Easy announces jobcuts, especially the 1000+ employees in Bristol Those who are sick or ill as a result of the coronavirus and those who have been bereaved NHS and care workers who are coping with the current additional demands The Government and other policy makers as they slowly lift the lockdown while keeping us safe Farmers, delivery drivers, shop assistants and all who ensure that food supplies are being maintained Those who are worried about their jobs and businesses Wisdom for those who are researching coronavirus and looking for a cure Those who are anxious and afraid or whose mentel health has taken a particular battering in recent weeks The easing of community tensions in MinneapolisAmphan Wrington Bemefice David Gent: 01934 862348 or 07773 537626 <david@rectory.org.uk> Andrew Hemming: 07584 124198 andrewmhemming@btinternet.com
In Brief
David reflects living as a community is an important part of our being, physically, mentally and spiritually. Out of all the restrictions which lockdown has placed upon us, perhaps the most difficult of all has been the inability to meet in community. Up until the last few days, we’ve been urged not to meet with people outside our household other than in particular or exceptional circumstances. And it’s only now, with the guidance slowly easing, that we realise what we’ve missed most. For Janet it’s been the inability to cuddle her two new grandchildren who have been born during the pandemic. For me, I’ve come to realise how much I miss parish visiting. Meeting up by phone or Zoom just isn’t the same. And that shouldn’t be a surprise! Hugging each other is medically proven to help our bodies. I’m no doctor but apparently a hug releases oxytocin which strengthens our bond chemically with that person and more generally can reduce susceptibility to addiction! For me, this simply goes to show again that being in community is how we’re called to live. And that’s true of God too. I must admit. When I discovered that it was Andrew’s turn to lead Sunday’s YouTube service, I was heartily relieved. I never enjoy preaching on the Trinity. And yet, at its core, the Trinity is simply a reminder that at the heart of the Godhead, there is a community - Father, Son and Holy Spirit – living together in perfect unity. If we missed out on one, we’d be missing a great truth about God. Yet all three are as much ‘God’ as the others. It is a perfect community. Over recent months, we’ve been forced into re-learning as a society what it means to live in community. It’s been a rude awakening that our individual lives are dependent on so many people - and that we too can make a positive impact on the lives of people around us too. Whatever changes happen as a result of this pandemic - and there are bound to be many! - I hope and pray that we will remember the importance of community and reflect that in our lives well after Coronavirus is long forgotten. Prayer: Holy God, faithful and unchanging: draw us more deeply into the mystery of your love, so that we may reflect your love by lives of service in our community to the glory of the one God, now and for ever. Amen. Hymn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwuDSw-9cUQ
Today’s hymn: Holy, holy, holy
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