Daily Retreat                        Day 811    Contributor:                              Linda Wood                               Friday 29th  January
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Unwell/Recovering within the Benefice: Helen Ayres, John Bennett, Robin Brooks, Alan Green, Jane Hosegood, Bob May, Jean Pitt, Valerie Tincknell, Mike Wool, Joseph Outside the Benefice: Harry Banks, Sheila Campbell, Danny Carroll, Sheila Doleman, Phoebe Dowling, Tom Ekin, Tracey Gray, Hannah Montagu, Howard Petherick, Henry Schofield, Janet Richards, Ann, Niki, Sara, Sarah Those who have recently died: Eileen Schroeder, John Tyler Years’ Mind: David Williams, Kathleen Collins, Enid Bastable, John Farrow, Pauline Schroeder, Dorothy Hodges, Helen Marshall and Doreen Ayad. President Biden and the new administration in the United States: that they may bring peace to a troubled nation our NHS - particularly those parts under such severe pressure our new relationship with Europe and those caught up in any disruption around new procedures those who are working on the rollout of the coronavirus vaccination programme, with particular thanks to the Mendip Vale practice Those who are sick or ill as a result of the coronavirus and those who have been bereaved Bishop Peter as he continues to recuperate after his latest operation
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Reflection : Epiphany 3: Journeying to Candlemas
Christmas is officially over when next Tuesday we mark the Christian holiday of Candlemas, which is celebrated 40 days after December 25th and at the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. Candlemas is a festival associated with many different customs. One of the most interesting took place in Scotland.In the olden days, Candlemas was the day when children brought candles into school so that classrooms could have light on dull days. As time went on, gas lighting took over from candlelight. The children took money to the teacher, who was supposed to spend it on sweets and cakes for the children. The boy or girl taking in the most money was declared Candlemas King or Queen and they ‘ruled’ for 6 weeks. They had the power to make one whole afternoon each week a playtime and they could also let anyone they wished off punishment. In France, this holiday is called ‘La Chandeleur’ and reminds people that it’s traditionally the day of the year when all the candles to be used in the coming year are brought into church for a blessing to be said over them. It’s also, basically, the day when the French eat a lot of crepes! If you can hold a coin in your right hand while flipping a crepe with your left, without dropping it on the floor, you’ll be prosperous in the year to come! And, of course, in America, the day is often spent in celebration of Groundhog Day when people spend the day huddled in the cold waiting for a groundhog to emerge from his burrow! If he emerges on Feb 2nd and sees his shadow then winter will last another six weeks; if he can’t see his shadow then Spring is just around the corner. However, the most important Candlemas custom is the one we have ingrained in our hearts; that is to remember that Jesus came with his message that he is with us, always ready to help and comfort us – a guiding light in the darkness. Mary and Joseph’s fulfilment of the requirement to present Jesus at the temple reminds us that doing our duty and being faithful to what tradition requires of us is a vital aspect of the Christian faith and life. The encounter of Simeon and Anna with the Christ child reminds us of the importance of faithfulness and of being prepared to wait patiently. The candle reminds us that we are to bear Christ’s light – he is the Light of the World and whoever follows him will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. Prayer Christ, who brought light to the world Shine your light in our darkness. Shine your light in situations of poverty. Shine your light in situations of conflict. Shine your light in situations of spiritual darkness. We thank you Father, for the light and the salvation brought through Christ. Help us to shine our own lights now and throughout our lives. Amen
Hymn  Jesus bids us shine Hymn  Jesus bids us shine
Friday 29th January 11am Mothers’ Union Wave of Prayer via Zoom (open to all) <https://zoom.us/j/91878530225> Sunday 31st January 4pm. Deanery Service of Light <https://lockingdeanery.org/sol...> N.B. Public worship is currently suspended throughout the benefice.