As an exploratory prequel to the 2009 Cycle Route to Montpellier the following photographs try to describe the slightly simpler and shorter route that Roger Owen and I enjoyed down to Spain using the ferry to St Malo and returning from Santander as a Brittany Ferry round trip. A simple plan hatched in the Golden Lion over the course of nearly two years. Somerset to Spain, St Malo to San Sebastian and returning from Santander in September 07. ‘Twas written! Oh and leaving on the Sixth. Enjoy! Phil Parker. St Malo – Rennes Starting at Dinard a Vedette will take you across the Rance from harbour at St Malo, and as with the route to Montpellier you can follow the old railway line down past Taden                                                                                                        to the River Rance that takes you into Dinan. After Dinan the route along the towpath (chemin de halage) changes banks over the old bridge at Lehon                                               And continues on its way all the way to Rennes                                                                                                                 Avoiding the herons! And passing the pretty lock keepers cottages.                                   There are several locks (écluse) on the route, all distinctive and all                                    immaculately kept.  By meticulously following the veloroute,  inexperience took us through the ‘wild wood’ of the  Forêt de Tanouarn                                                                     As you can see this is well-worth avoiding and can be simply bypassed                                   via Hédé as we did on the way to Montpellier.                                    But otherwise the canal continues majestically all the way                                   to the centre of Rennes. Click thumbnail to enlarge        Rennes - Nantes