www.wrington.net Changing face of Wrington’s shops.   Prompted by the recent announcement of yet another re-incarnation, into a flower shop, for what many still think of as Parsley’s shop on the corner of The Triangle, Bob Bowen has kindly sent these photographs of other shops and their shopkeepers which he took in 1983 or thereabouts. They nicely complement the conversations which were videoed in 1987/8, some of which are summarised, with stills from the videos, elsewhere on the website.  Those stills, from a VHS camcorder, give nothing like the quality of Bob’s photos, which prompt thoughts of how far opportunities for shopping - and chatting - have reduced in Wrington over the years, Alan & Sue Pearce Charlie & Nancy Temple The VG Pam and Len Bendall Click thumbnail to enlarge Jim Bugler J & J Thomas Trevor & Dorothy Wedlake Mostyn, Brian and Gloria Richards and Jean