Wrington Archaological discovery                  From the February, 2014 issue of the Village Journal
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In July 2011, an archaeological discovery of significant importance was made within the Parish, and from 25 January, 2014. it will go on public display at the Weston-super-Mare Museum for the very first time. The discovery was found by Mr. Jonathan Talbot, by means of metal detecting within the Parish, and has certainly altered our idea of how long we think our village has been inhabited. So what is this discovery you may be wondering? It is a find that takes Wrington all the way back to the Bronze Age, and dates to 1300-1150 BC (well over 3000 years old). The find itself is a magnificent Bronze Age hoard, comprising three objects, one of which is shown [left]. The object is a Palstave Axe, and would have been mainly used for chopping wood, but was also sometimes used as a weapon. If you would like to find out more about this hoard, and the Bronze Age in general, you will be delighted to know that you will be able to purchase a booklet that will go on sale in the first or second week of February in the village. All net proceeds will be donated to the British Heart Foundation from the sale of this booklet. Apart from the booklet, it is hoped that many of you will be inspired to go to the Museum and take a look at these fascinating objects, and at the same time look at all the other wonderful displays the Museum has to offer. Since objects and displays are quite often rotated in Museums, Iwould urge you to go and take a look at this hoard in the next few months, since it may not be on display to the public again for several years. Jonathan Talbot