Brook House to Lawder’s Orchard 2011-2012                  A slide production of photographs taken by June Clements                                                                                                                 Sound effects by FreeSFX <>
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Former Chairman of the Parish Council, Roy Clements, and his wife, June, live on the other side of Silver Street from Lawder’s Orchard, the development which resulted from the sale of Cmdr Michael Lawder’s home, Brook House. His orchard had a sizeable orchard, given its closeness to the centre of the village, and its trees provided welcome cover from the sun when Michael hosted the annual fete. Realising the signifiance, therefore, of the disappearance of the house, and the loss of the green space, June determined to document the process of change photographically. From July, 2011 until June, 2012, she took her camera, several times a week to the site, and has created a sequence of images of great importance to the Wrington Archive. At one point her attention moved away from the site, across the road to the field next to the recreation ground, to catch the Great Western Air Ambulance helicopter, which was called in to evacuate a seriously injured workman.