From John Corfield
                           The Corfields  in Broad Street 1950
          Janet                       Sheila   John            Bert      Julia
John Corfield wrote to the website to say that he and his sisters Julia and Janet left Wrington in 1954 when their parents, Bert
and Sheila Corfield, moved from their Fish & Chip shop in Broad Street to Bristol. Now in their 60s and 70s they've agreed that
they want to capture what they can recall of their childhood days in Wrington as part of our family history. John’s wife has
geneology as one of her hobbies and will be gathering their history from that angle. John enclosed these photographs:
Local resident Laurence Croucher recalls how Bert delivered the Sunday newspapers, and, when he was away, Laurence made the deliveries
for him, on his bike, to every house in the village bar 4 !
If you too have memories of the Corfield family, please email them to the website at <
On 26th January, 2015, John wrote: “I'm going through and scanning some old family  photographs and came across the attached picture. Neither I nor my two sisters recognise the people in it so we think it might well be a Corfield family group dating back possibly to before my father was born - but this is guesswork. I wondered whether you might consider using the website to ask if anyone recognises the people? ”