Stereo photographs of Wrington
Wrington website Archive
Graham Wood is a collector of early photographs , particularly stereoviews , and recently came across these of Wrington. He says he would be interested in any information a local historian may have about these, for example the name, or address, of ''Mother's house'' which he would then follow up on the census to get the family name. Someone - the original owner ? - added brief notes on the yellow frames below the photograph. Hence, their appearing below. There are shots on the website taken from a similar position to where the stereo photographer was shooting, namely the junction of High Street, Silver Street, and Broad Street. His shots show the Manor House by The Plough, the Methodist chapel, with school beyond, looking down Silver Street from the junction with Broad Street. Any comments or information - or even just suggestions - would be welcome to <>. One of the many emails received so far about the photos was from former Wrington resident Rob Masding, who, as he put it, ‘had a go’ at using a program which colourises B&W photos using AI.
colourised photos colourised photos