www.wrington.net I have visited Switzerland with my family from a young age and became fascinated by Swiss Decoupage after seeing an exhibition there.  It is an extremely time consuming and intricate art form, where a pattern is drawn out on paper and cut using very fine scissors to create a silhouette that remains in one piece. I attempted making  decoupage from the age of 14 using a small scalpel blade, but soon bought my own pair of decoupage scissors and started to perfect the technique. I studied for three years at The Royal Veterinary College, London leaving with a BSc in Veterinary Sciences. I am currently at Bristol University studying Veterinary Science and hope to graduate in 2012. Once qualified I would love to work in equine orthopaedics and training injuries, but will also take any opportunity to do charity work with animals abroad. I individually design each piece, usually drawing inspiration from experiences in my life – most of my pieces usually include horses, dogs or any other countryside related matter! I also do pieces on commission or for gifts and try to include things that are of importance to that person. Lucinda Keen: Charlotte Lucinda Keen: Heart Click thumbnail to enlarge      Charlotte                        Heart                          Africa                     Butterfly              Heart (Verdon)