www.wrington.net Richard Peter Bartley lives at Redhill. He’s an exciting new amateur artist working in the medium of acrylics, and specialising in landscapes, harbours and seascapes. Born in Bristol in 1960, Richard’s early career as a technical designer & draftsman, aided the development of his ability to paint highly accurate representations from photos and everyday scenes.   All his paintings so far are taken from calendars. He grids out the drawing first in pencil in order to get the proportions and perspective right, then works from the far distance towards the artist with over- lapping paint to get the depth and feel. Each painting takes about a month because his aim is to show as much detail as possible. This, for him, sums up his style of painting - less impressionist, more realist. This work-in-progress indicates the various stages towards the finished painting. Castle Combe Padstow Sheeps Tor Dartmoor Dunster High Street Phase 1                                       Phase 2                                         Phase 3                                    Final Phase St Werburgh’s, Wembury