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Booklets on Wrington’s History I started work on writing about Wrington’s history back in 1998, two years after I had joined Wrington Drama Club. Using a variety of sources, I put together a small booklet about the previous 50 years’ amateur dramatics in the village. Having got the writing bug, I have gone on to write another 7 books so far, the latest of which, to be launched at the village fete on July 6th, tells the story of Wrington’s Fire Brigade, which existed between 1939 and 1980. Rather than attempting to write one huge history of Wrington, my method is to take individual aspects of village life and produce “bite- sized” and, I hope, readable booklets of modest length. Apart from anything, this makes them easier, and cheaper, to produce. All are reasonable priced and I always donate any profits from their sale to a suitable charity; The Royal British Legion, Children with Leukaemia, and the RNLI have all benefitted to the tune of £100-£150 from my efforts, depending of course on sales! The Fire Fighters Charity will receive money from my latest offering. I have described my aims and methods in a talk written for Wrington Local History Society on Tuesday, 27th September, 2011 Most of the books are now “out of print”, but thanks to the wonders of computers, I am able to reprint copies to cope with any demand (except for the book about the Drama Club). The full list: Bent Nails and Biscuit Tins:                                                                    Wrington Observed                (2003) Amateur Drama in Wrington 1948-1998  (1998)                                     Wrington and the Great War  (2004) Wrington Recalled                                   (1999)                                     Wrington Reported                 (2008) Wrington at War 1939-45                         (2002)                                     Wrington’s Victorian Schools (2012)
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