Deborah Yamanaka
Petition on 20mph speed limit Thank you to everyone who helped with delivering Wrington Parish Council’s petition leaflets, signing the petition and the shops, café, chemist & dentist for hosting the petition. I will present the petition at North Somerset’s Council meeting on 24th July and very much hope that NSC highways will understand the problems for pedestrians and child cyclists on the narrow roads without pavements in question. New Bus Services There is now a new Citistar service 135 on Friday mornings from Chew Stoke to Weston (and Weston hospital) through Winford, Felton, Redhill, Wrington, Langford and Congresbury. This service travels along Church Rd Redhill, Long Lane and School Rd Wrington using the bus stops which have been abandoned for 3 years. The bus leaves Wrington Broad St at 9.31am and returns to Wrington at 14.25pm. The timetable is online at <http://www.citistar.co.uk/cs135webJUN18.pdf>, or contact me for a paper copy. The new A5 service to the airport, Congresbury and Yatton has now been running since the end of May. I would be interested to hear the experiences of anyone using the A5 bus to travel to Weston, either via the Weston Flyer from the airport or via the X1 bus at Congresbury. Airport Diamond Fund Several groups in Wrington have benefitted from the Airport’s Community Fund which arose from a planning condition when the airport’s last Master Plan was approved by North Somer-set Council. The Community Fund makes grants for applications in the “core local parishes” of Winford, Wrington, Backwell, Brockley, Cleeve and Barrow Gurney for environmental, educational, sustainable or highways projects. The airport has now introduced in addition the Diamond Fund to celebrate the airport’s 60th anniversary in 2018. The Diamond Fund will support smaller sized projects in the core area which do not meet the criteria for the Community Fund, or for projects outside the core area. For more details look online at <https://www.bristolairport.co.uk/about-us/community> or contact the Diamond Fund Administrator email <communityfund@bristolairport.com>. Waste collection changes Several residents have contacted me to report missed collections since the revamped service started in June. I certainly hope that there will be fewer problems once the collection crews have got used to their new routes. It is confusing that different parts of Wrington, Redhill and Butcombe are now collected on different days, and that some residents have rubbish and green waste collected in the same week, but this is not true for everyone.