Deborah Yamanaka
Petition on Proposed 20mph speed limit Wrington Parish Council is running a petition to ask North Somerset Council for a 20 mph speed limit in Wrington village in order to increase safety for residents walking in the village. NSC has agreed in principle to a 20mph speed limit but only to a more restricted area. Wrington PC proposes a wider area covering roads without pave-ments where pedestrians feel at risk when vehicles pass them travelling at 30mph. The black lines and hatched areas on the map (page 23) show the area proposed by Wrington PC. So far NSC has only agreed to the black lines on Broad St & parts of High St, School Rd, Silver St & Station Rd. Also Ladywell & Old Bell Court! It is important that the hatched areas are included in the scheme. High St – the hatched area runs from the pump to West Hay Rd. This stretch is steep, narrow, has no pavements & a blind bend. It is the route to and from Alburys, parts of Ropers Lane including the United Reform Church, and Yeomans Orchard. School Rd – the hatched area runs from South Meadows to Orchard Close. It is steep, has no pavements & is near a bend. It is the route to and from Orchard Close, parts of Ropers Lane (& URC) and the Wrington school entrances on School Rd and Orchard Close. Silver St – the hatched area runs round the bend at the Rickyard Rd junction. It has no pavements & a blind bend. It is the route to and from Garstons, Lawders Orchard, Rickyard Rd and Coxs Green (with 59 more houses proposed) and the recreation field with Sports and Social Centre. Station Rd – the hatched area runs from Brooklyn to The Glebe. It has no pave-ments. It is the route to and from Butts Batch, Kings Rd, The Glebe, Westward Close, the dentist and the veterinary practice. If you agree with Wrington Parish Council’s proposed 20 mph speed limit then please sign the petition at Amors, Buglers, the Treasury, Mother Hen coffee shop, chemist or dentist, BEFORE 22nd July. Thank You!