Deborah Yamanaka
Cox’s Green Appeal I spent several days at the appeal by Redcliffe Homes on the application for 59 houses at Cox’s Green – We should hear the result of the appeal later in November. Recycling Recently I accompanied Biffa’s recycling lorry and crew on some of Wrington’s roads. I was impressed by the number of residents who had taken the trouble to separate their recycling so well. I was also impressed by the care taken by the men to put the right items in the right sections of the lorry although I know that they can be careless when returning recycling boxes. We were in quiet roads with little traffic, although one car did mount the pavement in order to get past. It saves time if recyclables are in the right boxes when the crews empty the contents into the sections on the lorry. This cuts down the time and frustration for other drivers having to wait behind the lorry, and avoids the dangerous situations which have occurred in other places when overtaking. So – I urge you to separate your recyclable items as shown on the stickers on your boxes: Plastics, metal cans and paper in one box Cardboard, juice cartons, glass jars and bottles in the other box. Please take the tops off plastic and glass bottles, jars & cartons, and put plastic and metal bottle tops in with plastics. If you have space please use both recycling boxes. If you only have room for one box then please try to keep the different types of items together, ie cardboard, glass, paper, plastics, cans. You can separate them by putting them in plastic bags, but please do not fasten the bags. The bags will be returned to you. Black plastic and styrofoam cannot be recycled so please put these in your rubbish. If possible jump on plastic bottles to squash them, but that may be a step too far for most of us! It is easier for the crews to use the NSC recycling boxes than other boxes you may have, because the NSC boxes can be hooked onto the lorry while being sorted. If you need to replace your recycling or food waste boxes, or get stickers for the boxes, then either ring 01934 888802 or click on Do it online on the NSC website <http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/>. It is important to lock the food waste collection bin with the handle so that dogs, cats and foxes cannot get into it.