Deborah Yamanaka
Plastic litter The damage caused to wildlife by plastics in the oceans has horrified most people watching the Blue Planet. Theresa May has promised to eliminate all “avoidable” plastic waste by 2042, but we could all do our bit NOW. Plastic litter blows about, gets into streams and ditches and is washed down to the sea. If you see plastic litter in your garden or on the street, please pick it up if you can and put it in your rubbish or recycling bin, depend-ing on whether it is recylable. Some will then end up in landfill, which is not ideal but causes far fewer problems than in the sea or countryside. Some residents have asked me whether NSC sent plastics to China for recycling, and if so, what will happen now that China no longer takes foreign plastics. The an-swer is that NSC has not sent plastics to China. NSC’s waste contractor Biffa arrang-es for plastics to be processed in the UK. Because NSC’s different recyclables are kept separate they have very little contamination compared to some recyclables col-lected by other Councils which are “co-mingled”, ie mixed up altogether for separa-tion later. It is then easier for NSC’s recyclables to be sold on as separate materials (ie plastics, paper, cardboard etc) for recycling. Submit evidence online to NSC Thousands of documents are received by North Somerset Council every month from people with evidence about their housing benefit or council tax claims. These documents were previously handed into council offices in person, which was very inconvenient for many residents. Now documents can be uploaded online, which is quicker for all concerned. Just complete the form online at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/evidenceupload and when you want to attach the evidence, take a photo using a smartphone or tablet, or use a scanned image, attach it to the form and submit it. Residents need to use or register an online account for this (see < www.n-somerset.gov.uk/register>. Bus service changes A reminder that the A2 bus will be replaced by a new A5 bus on 28th May with no direct connection to Weston-super-Mare. Residents who want to travel to Weston via the airport and the Weston Flyer bus should make sure they have an airport conces-sionary travel card - apply online at https://www.bristolairport.co.uk/about-us/community/local-community. This card reduces the fare from £11 return to about half-price, or enables older residents to travel free by showing both the diamond bus pass and the airport travel card. Please contact me if you need a printed copy of the airport travel card application form.