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Time to Go

This is the last time I will write an article for the Journal under the heading of North Somerset Council. I have decided
that after 24 years as Wrington’s North Somerset Councillor it was time to stand down for somebody else. So I am not
standing for North Somerset Council this time, although I will still continue as a Wrington Parish Councillor.

I have enjoyed most of my time on NSC, although not all of it. It has been frustrating not to achieve changes in direction
when I think that decisions have not been in the best interests of everyone.

Recently NSC’s refusal to agree Wrington Parish Council’s proposals for a 20 mph limit in the village has been a low

On the other hand, the times when I have been able to help residents with waste collection, council tax or planning problems
bring a sense of achievement. Also the increase in recycling back in 2007 was a high point.

I have also enjoyed working with the Parish Councils (mostly!), and am particularly grateful for their insight on planning matters.

Some of the biggest changes over the last 24 years have come from the combination of the rise of the internet and the
cuts in National Government grants to local government. NSC has saved a lot of money by the use of online forms on its website, and by cutting out most contacts between council officers and the public. Using the Internet is an advantage for most people who are able to do it. But it has made life difficult for those without internet access, and NSC must constantly be reminded of this.

I could write more, but perhaps I will save it for my memoirs!

I wish my successor well, whoever they may be. I hope that the new councillor lives in the ward and makes themselves
available to everyone who needs help or advice, particularly those who do not use the internet.

Thanks to all of you for your support.