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Update on Anti-Social Behaviour Since my last piece in the journal, I have had discussions with Sgt Mark Raby, of the Neighbourhood Police Team and Martin Faithfull who is our Beat Officer (not a PCSO). They are fully aware of what has been happening in Wrington, and are com-mitted to support us in addressing it. You may have noticed an increased police pres-ence over the last couple of weeks. I am optimistic that they will continue to take ac-tion to ensure that things improve. Look out for details of a joint surgery that I will be holding with Martin Faithful as soon as we can find a suitable date. It is very important that anyone witnessing or hearing of incidents in the village should report it. You can do this by calling 101, or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Crimestoppers offer people the opportunity to speak up, stop crime and stay safe whilst remaining 100% anonymous. You may not realise that they are an independent charity, and not part of the police. They have a national contact centre which is staffed 24hrs to receive reports online and by phone. Information is passed on to law enforce-ment agencies with a 100% promise of anonymity. Bristol Airport You may feel that it’s gone a little quiet of late with regards to the current airport ex-pansion application. The volume of objections from individuals and groups is such that it is taking many hours for NSC planning officers to work through the arguments and link this all back to planning policy, core strategy etc before preparing their report and recommendations. Once this is done, a date will be set for the Planning & Regulatory Committee (of which I am a member) to review, and ultimately approve or refuse the application. It’s difficult to predict when this may happen, because of the General Election and rules around Purdah. I do not think it will be this side of Christmas, and I would be surprised if it will happen in January, though there is a chance. The meeting will take place at the New Council Chamber at WSM Town Hall and will be open to the press and the public. You may feel strongly about the application. I would urge you to consider attending. As soon as a date is known, I’ll share it on so-cial media. If you do not have access to this, and would like to attend, give me a call or send me an email with your details and I’ll contact you directly to let you know once it has been arranged. General Election As you read this, we will be heading back to polls yet again. No matter where you put your cross, make sure that anyone off on travels or studying away from home are reg-istered to vote, either in person, via postal vote, or by proxy. I wish our North Somer-set parliamentary candidates well (most of them, anyway!), especially Wrington’s very own Phil Neve who is representing the Green Party. Cllr Steve Hogg Email: <steve.hogg@n-somerset.gov.uk> Tel: 07429005512