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Bristol Airport application 18/P/5118/OUT to increase passenger numbers to 12 million.
There is still time to send observations on this application, which includes extensions to airport buildings & car parks etc with changes to the A38 and the night noise quota system. Go online to <https://planning.nsomerset.gov.uk/>

Waste Collections
A reminder that
garden waste collections went down to one a month for January and February,
going back to two a month in March.

NSC Budget
The cuts to next year’s budget will include (in no order): ICT contracts, debt collections, Grounds Maintenance contract, HR, Business Intelligence, Emergency Planning, Drug & Alcohol misuse support, sexual health support, obesity support, highways, Home to School transport, childrens placements, staffing generally. Also the creation of supported living accommodation for adults with complex needs which costs less than current nursing home placements, and assistive technology allowing some adults to stay in their own homes instead of full-time residential care.

Council tax could increase by 1.75% or up to as much as 2.75%. Final Council tax decisions will be taken at the NSC meeting on 12th February.

Proposed Mendip Vale Medical Practice surgery at Smallway
The proposed controversial new surgery planning application was finally agreed in January, including a pedestrian
crossing. However there is still no decision on whether the crossing will have traffic lights, or have no lights with a traffic island.
This surgery will replace the Yatton and Congresbury surgeries.

Mobile Library changes
The mobile library timetable has changed slightly to include visits to Long Ashton, following the closure of the library there.
In the area covered by the Journal: Burrington’s fortnightly day has changed to Thursday, still 11.10am to 11.55am.

Butcombe’s new time is 1.25pm to 1.45pm, still alternate Wednesdays.

Lulsgate’s new time is 10.40am to 11am, still alternate Wednesdayss

Redhill’s new time is 12.35pm - 12.55pm, still alternate Wednesdays

Wrington’s new time every Monday is 11.45am to 12.45pm. Wednesdays are unchanged 2pm to 4.30pm weekly.

Pharmacy 2U Letters

Pharmacy2U are sending out letters again, as they did 2 years ago. To repeat what I wrote then - in spite of the NHS logo on the letter it is not from the NHS or the local surgery but from Pharmacy2U, a commercial organisation. However, it is important for us to keep the local Wrington pharmacy, which also offers a home delivery service. So please don’t take business away from the Wrington pharmacy by signing up with any other commercial pharmacies.