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Transport to surgeries

When Mendip Vale Medical Practice officially closed Wrington’s Broad St surgery, they introduced a Practice car and driver to be available for patients without transport to travel to a surgery. This is different from Wrington’s valuable volunteer Helpline which is unable to help for appointments made on the same day. I would be interested to know how useful the Practice car and driver service is and how often it is used by Wrington patients, and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has used this service.

Dog Fouling

In case you missed it in March’s issue of North Somerset Life, residents are encouraged to report irresponsible dog owners. If dog owners do not comply with Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) then they can be fined £75.

PSPOs apply to every public open space in North Somerset where dog owners must keep dogs under control, carry a poo bag, bag & bin any dog poo and keep dogs out of children’s play areas.

In addition, in the area covered by the Journal, dogs are not allowed in Redhill churchyard. PSPO offences can be reported online at <http://www.nsomerset.gov.uk/my-services/community-safety-crime/publicspace-protection-orders/dogcontrol/ >

Footpath AX30/71 at Pharoahs House, Wrington Hill

Footpath walkers may like to know that a small section of footpath on Wrington Hill near Pharoah’s House will be diverted from 4th April. On the plan below, the path up to now ran from point A to B, but from 4th April it will run from point D to B. In practice I think this is the route that walkers have been taking anyway.

Joint Local Transport Plan 4 (JLTP4) You may have seen the article on the West of England’s JLTP4 in the Jan/Feb edition of North Somerset Life. Several schemes in North Somerset were mentioned in the article, but I was surprised that there was no mention of a proposal for a new road from Bristol to the airport. I asked about this at February’s NSC Executive meeting, but was told that there could be improvements to the A38 as an alternative to a new road. The JLTP4 runs to 2036 so a new road would be some time in the future. The report to NSC’s Executive meeting on 12th Feb together with the draft JLTP4 plan is online at http://apps.n-somerset.gov.uk/cairo/committees/comidx10- 2018.asp. The diagram showing the new road is on page 114/115 fig 11.1 in the Plan.