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Bristol Airport My apologies for the gap since my last update, but normal life was put on hold in the run up to the decision on Bristol Airport’s expansion plans taken in February by North Somerset’s planning committee. You may know that my proposal to refuse permission was backed by the majority of councillors. Whatever your views on the scheme (and mine isn’t the only one), this has been a most challenging time for North Somerset’s planning team and fellow councillors on the planning committee, many of whom are newly elected like me. I am resolutely convinced that we took the right decision. I read every page of the officer’s 230 page report and received a significant amount of support from several members of the Parish Council, and many other experts in the field. I am not against Bristol Airport. They are an important stakeholder and pro-vide value and convenience for the local community in a number of ways. But the airport already has existing permission to expand by a further 15% to 10 million passengers per annum, and in my view the economic benefits of further expansion beyond that is more than outweighed by the significant harm to our community via carbon emissions, additional car journeys and the uncapping of night flights during summer months. Cox’s Green Several residents have contacted me about issues relating to the new development at Cox’s Green. Perhaps the most pressing is the application submitted by Redcliffe to vary the condition which requires them to complete the drainage scheme before the houses are built. This is currently with planning officers, and I have made it known that should they be minded to approve the application, I will call it into the planning committee for council-lors to make the decision. 20mph Scheme I have had a very encouraging meeting with executive member for transport and our local highways team to look at the latest proposals for Wrington’s 20mph scheme. An older scheme was consulted on and approved by the Parish Council a few years ago, before it became a bit of a casualty of the previous administration at North Somerset. I have made it a key priority of mine to get it sorted as quickly as possible, and I am hoping for something significant and deliverable during 2020. Cllr Steve Hogg Email: <steve.hogg@n-somerset.gov.uk> Tel: 07429005512