Wrington Website NEWS EXTRA             Wrington - Summary of Inspector’s Decision              November, 2017
59 Houses at Cox’s Green Review of the decision to grant consent. WVA main arguments to objecting to the application were: 1. making Cox’s Green road narrower would be unsafe for passing vehicles Inspector said :NSC says it is acceptable 2. vehicles may mount footway at property drives due to road narrowness Inspector said : could be stopped by installation of bollards or railings 3. hedge growth beside a narrow footway on inside of bend could cause pedestrians to step into road Inspector said : it is up to NSC to consider whether to seek a developer contribution to hedge maintenance. There is no standard recommending against putting footways on inside of bend. 4. Footway is undeliverable - requires third party land Inspector said : he considers all properties have encroached onto highway land. To confirm it is viable the footway is to be constructed before any house building starts above ground floor slab level. 5. all access roads periodically flood making access difficult Inspector said : by stopping flooding on the road at Cox’s Green, one vehicular route would be passable at times of flood 6. low point at Cox’s Green may make building a surface water sewer to stop flooding impossible Inspector said : a 1:100 year flood drainage scheme at Cox’s Green is to be constructed before any house building starts above ground floor slab level. 7. No suitable bus service makes car usage the only transport option - unsustainable Inspector said : bus is suitable for getting to Weston and the airport and more houses could improve viability of bus service 8. No safe cycle route to nearest village facilities not in Wrington Inspector said : NSC has agreed that West Hay Road is a very quiet road and thus suitable for cycling 9. Facilities in Wrington are too far to walk to - unsustainable Inspector said : facilities evan 1.2km from the development site are within a reasonable walking distance 10 Wrington should not be termed a Service Village Inspector said :Designation as SV was reconfirmed by NSC in Jan 17 11 not sufficient spaces in primary School Inspector said :NSC says the school would have capacity 12 development would be outside settlement boundary. Inspector said : NSC says these boundaries are out of date 13 footway along Cox; Green South and Havyatt Road would be unsightly Inspector said : no reason why path could not be designed to be pleasant and with good views                                                                                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Village Association response: To say we are extremely disappointed is an understatement but at the time of the Inquiry we said that we couldn't have done more to put our objections forward, supported by the village with the amazing turn-out at the Memorial Hall and we should all be proud of what we did. Unfortunately though, our views and the issues we raised have seemingly been dismissed by the Planning Inspector. Thank you again to everyone that supported us during the Inquiry. There will be more for us do, as it is outline planning permission that has been granted and the detailed planning application is still to come. We will keep you updated on the future consultations and try our best to ensure that the development respects the character of our village