Wrington Website NEWS EXTRA             Weston Hospital Becket Primary School Artwork             June, 2019
BECKET PRIMARY SCHOOL ARTWORK ON DISPLAY AT WESTON GENERAL HOSPITAL If you visit the Weston General Hospital in the next few days, don’t miss out on the opportunity to look at some of the artwork produced by pupils from Becket Primary School which is on display along the glass corridor from the main entrance of the hospital. The project – Who do you think you are? – enabled the children to learn about an array of local people who have had an influence on the local community or their own lives. The children interviewed four members of staff from the hospital and wrote biographies as well as producing some amazing portraits. Rob Collard, head teacher at Becket Primary School, said: “By displaying their work the hospital is showcasing the achievements of our children as well as celebrating the successes of our local community. We have a lot to be proud of. “The aim was to display the children’s work in as many local venues as possible, creating a short trail for our children and families to visit.” Weston Area Health NHS Trust chairman, Grahame Paine, said: “It makes me proud to remember that the hospital is a significant part of the local community with over 600 patients and their families alongside our 1,800 staff passing through the corridors every day. It was wonderful to meet some of the children who came to the hospital to put up their project work last week – of which they should be extremely proud. I would like to thank them for doing such a great job and for taking the time to learn more about some of our interesting jobs here at the Trust.” Andrew McKendrick (lead pharmacist), Bethany Pitt (midwife), Hattie Stevens (occupational therapist) and Hilary Rose (Radiographer) were all interviewed by the children and their portraits will be proudly lining the glass corridor at the hospital for a few more days, alongside some of the other unsung heroes of our local community here in Weston.
Weston Area Health NHS Trust chairman, Grahame Paine, Hattie Stevens (occupational therapist) the artists Rob Collard, head teacher at Becket Primary School
Andrew Bethany
Hilary Hattie