Wrington Website NEWS EXTRA             YMCA Weston Youth Matters Awards              August, 2019
YMCA Weston super Mare semi-finalists at Youth Matters Awards The YMCA England and Wales 2019 Youth Matters Award semi-finalists have been announced, and YMCA Weston super Mare (part of YMCA Dulverton Group) have been shortlisted in several categories. Nominated for the Diversity Award, Weston Youth Café is situated in the town centre and is a hub of activity, open for the whole community. The café provides a welcoming space for everyone, and hosts a variety of groups, classes and activities for a wide cross section of the community. W-s-M Youth Café hosts many groups, including young carers, the Ups and Downs group for young people with Down’s Syndrome, home educators network and club for home educated young person’s club, a weekly coffee morning for local church group. Social evenings for adults with disabilities are also held at the café, and support those with mental health issues or feelings of isolation into feeling safe and more connected with the community. As well as being nominated for the café she manages, May Barnett has been nominated as Young Worker of the Year. May began an apprenticeship with YMCA Dulverton Group working for the Weston branch 4 years ago. Now, she is Lead of Youth and Community Café and Bleadon Youth Club. May continues to support the youth programme delivered within the area and other work carried out by YMCA Dulverton Group, such as Daycamps, events and inter-generational projects. Vice President of the Youth Council Iris Smith has also been shortlisted and is a semi-finalist in the Young Campaigner of the Year category. As a key member of the Youth Council, Iris has organised youth environmental protests against the expansion of Bristol Airport; facilitated consultations with North Somerset Council on transport developments and petitions for change locally as well as nationally. Martin Hodgson, CEO of YMCA Dulverton Group said: “I am hugely proud to see that teams within YMCA Dulverton Group are once again being recognised for their hard work by the YMCA Youth Matters judges. May and the team at Weston Youth Café work hard to deliver a variety of services to communities across North Somerset and support many local events, such as Weston Pride. “These three semi-finalists deserve to be recognised for their hard-work, determination and dedication and I hope that our local communities show their support by voting for them before Monday 23rd August.” The three semi-finalists now require public votes in order to progress onto becoming finalists at the awards in November. Voting is now open and you have the chance to support the semi-finalists up until Monday 23rd August where votes close. To vote, you can visit the Youth Matters Awards website at: <https://www.ymca.org.uk/about/awards/youth-matters-semi-finalists> Semi-finalists will be announced in due course, with the prestigious awards ceremony hosted by YMCA England and Wales being held in London in November. To find out more about the Diversity Award: <https://www.ymca.org.uk/about/awards/diversity-award-2019#1553519935690-dac6779d-1c7eaea4-3752> To find out more about Young Worker of the Year Award: <https://www.ymca.org.uk/about/awards/young-worker-of-the-year-2019#1553519934050-c21096cf-22974ca7-7347> To find out more about Young Campaigner of the Year Award: <https://www.ymca.org.uk/about/awards/young-campaigner-of-the-year-2019#1553519934929-884973d6-81088f7a-5c236dda-c62e>