Wrington Website NEWS EXTRA             Final Notice of Temporary Traffic Regulation              1st June, 2020
NORTH SOMERSET COUNCIL ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 – Section 14 Final Notice of Temporary Traffic Regulation Order 2020 Cox's Green, Havyatt Road, Station Road, Wrington North Somerset Temporary Prohibition of use by Vehicles and Temporary Waiting and Loading Restrictions Order 2020 Notice is hereby given that North Somerset Council in pursuance of the provisions of section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, have made an order the effect of which will be to close, temporarily, to vehicles the lengths of roads specified in the Schedule 1 to this Notice; and to prohibit temporarily any vehicles from waiting and loading at any times along the lengths of roads specified in Schedule 2 to this notice. Exemptions are included for emergency services, works access and as works permit for premises which may only be accessed via the closed section of road. This order was required because of the likelihood of danger to the public consequent upon work by Brandwells on behalf of Redcliffe Homes to undertake installation of development drainage works and associated works by utility companies; and North Somerset Council Highway Structures to undertake repair works to a retaining wall supporting the carriageway. This order came into effect on the 9th March 2020 for a maximum period of eighteen months. However, the closures may not be implemented for the whole of the period but only as necessitated by the works which is anticipated to commence on 1st June 2020 be of approximately 18 weeks in duration for the works undertaken by Brandwells and followed immediately by approximately 8 weeks for the works undertaken by North Somerset Council (this may be subject to change). The closures are phased, initially with an anticipated rolling 35m closure on Cox's Green and Havyatt Road for Brandwells followed by a second Phase of closure on Havyatt Road for North Somerset Council works (this may be subject to change). This may affect the diversion route as works progress and as traffic signs dictate. The timings of the phased closures are approximate and may be advanced or delayed and are subject to the progression of the development works . The waiting and loading restriction is in force when required and as signs dictate and may be subject to change subject to the progression of the works. Appropriate traffic signs will be displayed when the measures are in force. For further information relating to this notice go to www.n-somerset.gov.uk/roadworks ALTERNATIVE ROUTES Brandwells Phase - Cox's Green, Silver Street, Broad Street, Station Road, Butts Batch, Half Yard, Blackmoor, LangfordRoad, Station Road, Havyatt Road and vice versa or as traffic signs dictate. NSC Phase - Havyatt Road, Red Hill, Nates Lane, Cox's Green, Havyatt Road and vice versa or as traffic signs dictate. Applicant: Brandwells Construction Ltd and North Somerset Council (NSC) Contact: Redcliffe Homes - Brandwells 01179517611 & NSC 01934 888888 SCHEDULE 1 Cox's Green in Phases– Cox's Green (North) for 210m in a 35m phased rolling closure in a northerly direction from property Edcoumbe and the entrance to Burnett Industrial Estate to the entrance to Garstons. Havyatt Road-Phase 1 from the intersection with Cox's Green to property The Briars and to property Linden Lea - approximately 35m. Havyatt Road - Phase 2 between Wrington Bridge over the Congresbury Yeo and the access track to Tumbling Weir House Schedule 2 Station Road - waiting and loading restrictions Monday to Fridays between 08.00hrs to 16.00hrs when required and while the signs are in force- from junction with Westward Close to junction with Broad Street.. Colin Medus Head of Transport and Infrastructure Town Hall Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ Ref:T20-07