Wrington Website NEWS EXTRA             Wrington              July, 2020
My name is MIKE BAPTY and I live in Wrington. Have you an old, half-decent bike that needs some TLC and you need the space in your garage ? I am helping co-ordinate the collection of good quality bikes for refurbishment by local charity Julian House, who helps homeless people get back into employment. Please ‘phone me on 07826 893797 and I can collect your bike. See the great work Julian House does: https://www.jhbikeworkshop.org/donate-bike/community-bike-donation- hub/?fbclid=IwAR3PJUpY63JW06IZ5aBc4PkCTx8UNNo_wDPTTAjMYXNfa_5PiM5s R2RSbyA