Cast List
Freda Caplan
Miss Mockridge
Betty Whitehouse
Olwen Peel
Charles Stanton
Gordon Whitehouse
Robert Caplan
Rebecca Bryce
Moira Shapland
Georgina Cooper
Kate Morley
Simon Medd
Michael Berkley
Peter Ellis
Production Team

Asst Director
Set/Poster Design
Hair/Make up

Set/Prop Const.


Back stage
Front of House

Echo Irving
Fred Cowgill
Jim Swords
Margaret Morris
John Graham
Jill and Fred Cowgill
Veronica Thorn, Chris Parnham
Valerie Langley
Sue Cross, Judy Owen,
Sue Bendall, Maggie Carpenter
John Graham, Don Guy, Peter Langley, Mark Bullen, Mike Owen, Adrian Kirby, Simon Medd
Jim Swords, John Graham, Richard Kingcott
Don Guy, Fred Cowgill
Peter Langley
Heather Swords, friends and members of the club
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What a snug little group you all are ... I think it's charming ... You really ought to read my books ... It was something rather dreadful, wasn't it ... I seem to remember him being very charming ... They were talking about me ... Darling, I'm sure you heard too much of our gossip ... I caught that puppy of yours chewing the script of Sonia Williams latest novel ... The whole truth wouldn't be dangerous ... I thought it was a rather odd, provoking situation ... Martin couldn't have shown you the box that Saturday ... You sent it to him yourself, didn't you ... You must have been the last person to see him before he shot himself ... Why didn't you say anything before ? Olwen, this is crazy ... Nobody saw me go in ... Will you be truthful with me ? Leave it alone Robert, please .. Must you really go ? Were you in love with Martin ? He was one of those people .. you had to like him The firm's never been the same without him It's not good enough ... Spare our weaknesses ... You're right, my dear Freda ... I'm going home to bed ... Don't go on and on about it ... I asked you a question and I've yet to get an answer ... How you can be so dense baffles me ... Olwen, I'm so sorry ... Wives are aware of these things you know ... Looks to me as if he must have done ... You were shielding him ... When you're in love with someone, you're in love with them ... Martin never touched that money ... They're coming back ...