The evening was the brainchild of James Langford at The Plough as a means of developing Wrington’s culinary links with Villeneuve-lès-Béziers. Through the good offices of Yves Blérard Léglise in Villeneuve, the Twinning Association were able to invite Xavier Muraccioli, a leading Villeneuve chef to come to shadow The Plough’s resident chef, Veera. Accompanying Xavier were M le Maire, Jean-Paul Galonnier and Marie-France, Jean Bource, President of the Villeneuve Football Club, and Professor Edgar Papp and his wife Ingrid, who live 6 months of the year in Villeneuve, and 6 months in Gottingen where Prof Papp works at the university. Most of our visitors stayed at the homes of Twinning Association members - Alan & Alison Reed, Echo Irving, and John Adams, and the mayor stayed once again at Lower Stock Farm. He had also booked a hire car at the airport, which suggests he’s beginning to find his own way around, which is promising ! Having arrived on Friday afternoon, our visitors were entertained that evening by Judith & Philip Kinsman. On Saturday, after enjoying a certain rugby match on the big screen at the Golden Lion, courtesy of Phil Giorgetti, they were taken to explore Wells by Echo Irving and John Adams, at whose house they all dined in the evening. On Sunday morning a walk with Roger Owen included some key local viewpoints. They all went to John Urquhart’s house for a degustation of English wine and lunch. Alison and Alan Read took Xavier and Jean to Bristol in the afternoon. The evening’s events began with a boules match at The Plough. Then followed a fine 5-course meal, during which music was provided by guitar and bass duo and chansonniers, Pete Hawkins & Jonathan Palmer, and accordionist, John Slater. Afterwards, Edgar Papp gave a brief, illustrated introduction to Villeneuve, explaining its attractions for a retired couple from the chillier climes of northern Europe. Finally, Veera and Xavier took a bow for their extraordinary culinary efforts - and, in acknowledging their mutual respect, made their final demands on the interpreting skills of Ruth Jaffrain.
Click thumbnail to enlarge John Urquhart and Cassie Adams study their boules ... Ingrid Papp  Alison Reed  Edgar Papp Jean-Paul Galonnier and Jean Bource join in Xavier takes time out from the kitchen to chat with Roger Owen Jean-Paul tells Roger the tale John Urquhart and Marie-France drink to the entente cordiale Jean-Paul tells Phil Giorgetti how thrilled he was with the result of the rugby John Slater John Adams does the honours Xavier Muraccioli Jean-Paul toasts Guillemine Bear, one of Wrington's resident francophones The beginnings of the Veera-Xavier mutual appreciation society ... .... translated by Ruth Jaffrain The weekend as seen by John Adams ... Lunch in Wells Outside the cathedral Xavier  John  Jean Saturday dinner chez John & Cassie ... and then the evening itself ... so just what does his glass contain ? Xavier and Veera make their preparations ... Veera and Xavier sign off thanks to Ruth Jaffrain Subsequent letter from Edgar & Ingrid Papp