Wrington Drama Club Spring Production           2nd-5th May, 2012: Pity about Kitty and Albert
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Pity about Kitty by Jimmie Chinn.   The first of two one-act pieces, both directed by Mark Bullen. Kitty Curtis is a Staff Nurse in a hospital Outpatients clinic, working under her old friend, Sister Betty Strong. She is initially unaware of what lies behind her summons to a medical tribunal run by Senior Nursing Officer (Matron) Cross and Consultant, Sir Cuthbert Spry. The piece reveals to the audience the inner thoughts of the two nurses, so we share Kitty’s growing realisation that her “best friend” is no longer that. The photographs are stills taken from the video recorded on the first night of the run.
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The tribunal is myself, Sir Cuthbert Spry, another doctor and a local councillor I don't want this to get into the Press What d'you mean, charge against me ? It all started with a phone call, didn't it, Staff Nurse She came a said there was a mad woman on the 'phone She just told me to get on with it Suddenly it dawns on you what's going on It's just something between her and me I've warned you before about calling her Betty I thought Betty would fill it in What was your part in all this, Staff Nurse ? I've nothing to be nervous about No need to feel nervous, Sister Strong Oh, Sir Cuthbert, you are awful .. I've never been spoken to like that before Things seem to be getting out of hand Just bemused by what's going on Are you really not represented by a union official or anyone ? I do a lot of knitting these days. Of course I don't wear my uniform out of doors. Everything's under control at St Hilda's I just don't want any fuss, no Press The finding of this tribunal is that Staff Nurse Curtis be struck off