Wrington Local History Society  Chairmanís report of meeting
Tuesday, 22nd February, 2011
Just a quick summation of the events that made up the meeting on 22 February [issued 27 February].   1) We are now the Wrington Local History Society as decreed by vote, despite my protestations! 2) There is to be a minimum of 12 meetings yearly, the cost for room hire and refreshment making up all of the total of £12 per capita per year. Members will be charged £1 for attending a talk (rather than just a regular meeting), non members (i.e. those yet to pay a membership fee) will be charged at £2.50 to attend the talk. 3) Membership fees for 2011/2012 are to be £12 per capita, this will be collected at the next meeting so the period covered will be 22/3/2011 through to 21/3/2012. 4) I shall try and produce a statement of constitution in regards to the Society for your inspection and affirmation for the next meeting. 5) We have agreed, in principle, to try and undertake a 'capital project'; suggestions include restoration of the Tumbling Weir or the restoration and repair of Ladywell. I might want a volunteer to look into the practical considerations necessary for either project, 6) We have set a few preliminary loose sub groups for investigation into various aspects of Wrington's past, at the time of writing these are;        1] Investigation into the standing remains of the Wrington Vale Light Railway,        2] Boundary walking the parish looking for and recording any boundary stones still standing,        3] Detailed investigation into the Romano-British remains in the Perry Bridge area of the A38,        4] Interviews with elder parishioners to record memories and recollections of the parish in bygone times,        5] Research into the impressively titled Major General T.B. Harrison who gifted the John Locke rooms to the            parish in 1903.    Any of those not present at the last meeting are very welcome to volunteer themselves for any or all of these branches of investigation. Currently Richard Thorn is soloing item 4 and Mark Bullen item 5- I'm unclear as to whether either wants or needs assistance with these items but if you'd like to assist then either contact them direct or send me an email which I shall forward onto them.  Thanks to Richard Thorn there is an excellent segment on the Wrington website (www.wringtonsomerset.org.uk) featuring myself rattling on about Roman artefacts so do please give it a good look. Richard will also be updating the site with our research on a regular basis as well as recording and uploading the talks given by guest speakers.    As ever, if there's anything at all you'd like to see focussed on then do please speak up at any meeting! I believe it was Maggie Whittington (correct me if I'm wrong Maggie!) who suggested a more detailed look into Wrington's manufacturing past, everything from mills through to tanners and shoes right upto the constituent elements of Wrington's two vibrant industrial sites of today. This has enormous scope so we may have to break it down into smaller elements and proceed piecemeal, I'll be looking for volunteers for this fascinating prospect at the next meeting.  Hopefully those present will contact me if I've forgotten anything important that occurred which I've not covered here. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 22nd March, I've yet to confirm the Chapel as I intend to look into the Scout Hall as an alternative venue owing to the difficulties with parking around the Chapel- suffice it to say I shall email again with a confirmation of venue when I have it.    I shall be holding a short 20-30 minute discussion on 'the very basics of the Roman Invasion' as part of this forthcoming meeting- it is not a talk so will not be charged for. Nick Joy