Burrington School                                  www.burrington.eschools.co.uk                  Alison Waite Headteacher 
Holy Trinity Church             www.burrington-pc.org.uk/holytrinity-church/         John Dixon, Churchwarden July has been a busy month at Burrington with action on all fronts. The PCC met on 6th July and Jeremy Leighton announced his resignation from the post of Hon Sec. We owe him a great debt of thanks for all the hard work he has done to keep the PCC on track and also for his work with the deanery and the diocese. I am pleased to say he has found an excellent replacement in Alexis Mackie who has recently moved into Burrington, and has high level experience in business. I have no doubt she will prove to be very efficient at keeping us all working well as a good PCC. The Fete was held at Bourne house this year, courtesy of Norma and Rodney Grey. It was a beautiful venue and the day went very well thanks to the efforts of Kathy Wilson and many others. It is a very good event for keeping the village functioning as a whole community. There have been considerable goings on with the process for appointing a new vicar. Sarah Connor and John Lee have been preparing Burrington’s contribution to the combined benefice profile. We have undertaken surveys of the church going and the non church-going members of the village. It is hard work to persuade people to participate and so the numbers answering have been limited in both categories. None the less a village view has been distilled from the replies, and we hope to appoint a suitable vicar who will be able to help and lead the parish. I am Burrington’s representative on the patronage board, as we are unusual in being our own patron. This was thanks to Chris Thomas, who bought the patronage, and gave it to the PCC. I have met the representatives of the Society for the Maintenance of the Faith, who are patrons of Wrington and Butcombe. They were both very pleasant and reasonable men, and I have no doubt we will come to a sensible agreement on our choice of rector/ vicar. There has also been plenty of worship going on in Burrington. There have been several visiting priests and organists, and Andrew Hemming has done a lot for us. We have had Alice Parsons’ baptism and Alan Leech’s funeral, both of which were taken by Andrew. You will be pleased to hear that the Rock of Ages service took place again this year, against all the odds. This was arranged by Kathie Wilson and Monique Hillman, and taken by Andrew. There was a good attendance of 24 which was in spite of short notice and very uncertain weather. Please put in your diaries the date of next year’s service that is booked for 1st July 2018. Please keep praying that the process for appointing a new vicar goes well, and that we have a good appointment soon. From the Altar Guild Holy Trinity Church, Altar Guild will be organising a Safari Supper in aid of church funds on Friday, 20 October. Further details at a later date but expressions of interest for when tickets are available please contact Mo Taylor (01761 462274) or Heather Lee (01761 462243).’
I am hoping that all of the children and the staff enjoyed a well-deserved break over the summer. The school has had some classes decorated and all rooms have received a ‘deep clean’ including pulling out all of the cupboards etc.. This was the first summer holiday without our resident caretaker, Mr Husher, who retired in May after 16 years of service, so we hope he is enjoying the rest. We are looking forward to welcoming our new Reception and Nursery children to the school this month. They have been for two induction days and enjoyed a teddy bear’s picnic with some of the other children from school. We still have some spaces in Nursery and Reception so please consider Burrington, if you are looking for a place for your child. Our first open morning will be on September 18th from 9.15am until 11.30am when there will be an opportunity to have a tour of the school and meet the staff. This will be the first of the open mornings for parents of children who are considering which primary school to send their child to in September 2018; however the open mornings are also suitable for parents of children of all ages. If you are unable to come on this day please let us know and we will be happy to arrange a more convenient time.