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Holy Trinity Church             www.burrington-pc.org.uk/holytrinity-church/         John Dixon, Churchwarden December was an eventful and successful month for Holy Trinity. We had a well attended combined benefice service on Advent Sunday, with all the traditional advent hymns looking forward to the birth of Jesus. The following Sunday we had the carol service on a snowy evening, with David Heslop kindly taking the service and with a good variety of readers, who read the beautiful Christmas lessons in the King James’ Bible that we all know and love! The church looked very Christmassy thanks to the altar guild who had put a lot of time trouble and skill into decorating the church. We had the school choir and the Trinity singers to make the whole occasion one to remember. Midnight mass had been under threat, with no incumbent and pressure on all available clergy. Many thanks to John and Heather Lee who together with the church office got John Andrew to take the service and Rachel Bowers kindly turned out to play the organ. There was a very good congregation at the midnight service as well as at the Christmas morning communion taken by Tom Ekin. We say goodbye to Alison Waite as head of Burrington school and there was a leaving service for her on 18th December. There were funerals for Ann Marks and Meg Buxton this month. We had a PCC meeting on 7th December, and the idea of a broadband aerial on the church tower was rejected due to opposition from the school governors. The one and only candidate for the new vicar came to see round the parish and the benefice, and to meet as many of us as possible. He and his wife came to look round informally, and I hope had a good chance to see if we are a satisfactory fit. I am pleased to say the parish and diocesan assessment went well and the definitive patrons’ interview was on January 4th. Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well. Happy new year to you all