Burrington School                                  www.burrington.eschools.co.uk                 Mrs Sarah Josky  
Holy Trinity Church             www.burrington-pc.org.uk/holytrinity-church/         John Dixon, Churchwarden Services continued as normal in February, and we thank all our visiting cler-gy and organists. I have had a very large form to fill in from the diocese on statistics for mission. I also have a shorter and rather more important form to do with establishing the parish share. I will be discussing this at the PCC to make sure the parish share fairly reflects the size of the parish and congre-gation. We are in the process of organising the induction service for David Gent. This is not until 4th June but there are an awful lot of details that need to be sorted out quickly. David himself, does of course have a major role in planning the service and will be coming to one of our planning meetings this week We are now well into Lent and Easter is the first of April. There will be Holy Communion at 11.00 on Easter morning, taken by Tom Ekin.
Happy Chinese New Year! Our youngest children in Cherry class have been find-ing out all about the Year of the Dog and discovering the different traditions of the Chinese New Year. The classroom is a delightful riot of red and gold as the chil-dren’s carefully created lanterns are on display. There have been dancing Chi-nese dragons and we have been learning how to play glockenspiels and composing Chinese music using five notes in the pentatonic scale. STEM week (science, technology, engi-neering and maths) is always a highlight of the calendar and the children and staff have been busy putting their creative skills to the test on the theme of hedge-hogs. Led by our Science Leader, Mr. Chamber-Smith, the children were tasked with designing a wheeled vehicle to travel through a safe ‘hedgehog highway’. To make this even more special the children worked in groups with children from other classes. We love Science at Burrington and whether it has been researching the lives of hedgehogs, investigating the dis-tance a rubber band can be propelled or considering the impact of friction on our vehicles, we have been fully engrossed! At the time of writing, the final tests for our vehicles were sadly delayed due to having snow closure but we are looking forward to this next week… Birch class has been busy in design tech-nology, constructing castle models in-cluding movable drawbridges. Their de- signs have been carefully considered with aesthetic appeal as well as strength and durability. Some of the class have certainly not limited themselves to tradi-tional grey stone work and instead have chosen some high impact and innovative colour options! We are so fortunate having such an ac-tive and successful PTA at Burrington Primary and their efforts make a huge difference to the school. Maple Class re-cently attended an Egyptian workshop at Bristol Museum with transport subsidised by the PTA. Cherry Class now has a wonderful storage shed for its outdoor learning resources and there is an amaz-ing Forest School shelter on the school field – all thanks to the wonderful fund-raising efforts of the PTA and a working party of parents and governors. The re-cent Music Quiz was an example of the great team work of the whole school community; thank you to everyone who took part. We are looking forward to the special celebrations at the end of term as we pre-pare for our Easter service and take part in the Easter Egg Hunt. We would like to wish the whole community a very Happy Easter. Visits to Burrington Church of England Primary school are always welcome and we currently have vacancies in the junior and infant classes, including our delight-ful nursery. Please contact Mrs.Mrs. Sharon Morris on 01761 462662 or email <office@burringtonprimary.co.uk> for further information.