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Holy Trinity Church             www.burrington-pc.org.uk/holytrinity-church/         John Dixon, Churchwarden On February the 6th we had the funeral of Bob Hobbs. Bob was a wonderfully gifted man and a real gentleman. He was a Forge Master and gold medal holder of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths. He was also a Freeman of the City of London. Bob made the deer on the tower weather vane and the beautiful flower pedestal next to the altar. He will be greatly missed. John Dixon
At Burrington, each class has a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) folder.  When children have work that is exemplary they are sent to me with their work.  They tell me what they are proud of and it is lovely to celebrate their achievements.  I have the privilege of seeing some very high quality work however a recent piece of work was exceptional.  The class teacher  sent the written work to the British Science Association receiving this response from the Head of Education: I read it on the way home after a rather long and slightly stressful day. Sitting on the tube in London, your poem transported me to another space and time, and reminded me of how big and glorious our universe is. Thank you so much for writing it. I have read works by much more 'accomplished' writers that have felt less evocative and certainly less beautiful than your piece and I think you captured something of the awe and wonder of science in your writing. Thank you for brightening my day and I hope you will continue in your love of science and of writing. Personally I think they work wonderfully together. It has also been shared on a teacher’s website receiving over 150 positive comments from other teachers. This wonderful piece of writing is from one of our Y6 boys, Owyn. A STAR’S BIRTH Fluorescent lights glitter in the capeblack darkness, whilst luminous gases weave themselves through cavernous stretches of pearl white sky. Radiant lights engulf all trouble and despair. Glittering like a Sultan’s treasure, stars wink at each other, despite the watchful eyes of the tourists below. Beside the ominous mass of a star, nebula’s remnant scars seep out eerie lights, re-incarnating what they once were. Owyn.