Activities of the society
Normally we hold a minimum of 12 meetings yearly, and in principle, and hope to
undertake a 'capital project'; suggestions include restoration of the Tumbling Weir or the
restoration and repair of the Ladywell. Potential loose sub groups may be set up to
investigate various aspects of Wrington's past 
Annual membership
 £12 per year to cover room hire and refreshments.
Lecture attendance fee
 £1 (non-members £2.50)
Chairman: Nick Joy<
Secretary: Mark Bullen <
Avon Local History & Archaeology <
Talks Programme – 2016-17 Date    Speaker                      Topic 18 October Clive Burlton Bristol’s Lost City 22 November Phillip Hoyland Benefits, Brass and the Girtest Grandest Day (Friendly Societies) 20 December John Smith   Life around Roman Wrington 17 Jan John Gowar         Langford 21 Feb Keith Utteridge A History of the Magic Lantern 21 Mar Michael Manson Riot - The Bristol Bridge Massacre of 1793 18 Apr AGM Members’  Evening (bring along an object & talk about it) 16 May Vince Russett Medieval Village Crosses 20 Jun Prof Ronald Hutton Bloody Mary (The person, not the drink!) 18 Jul Steve Osman/Ian Stacey History of the Chapel and non-conformism in Wrington 15 Aug NO SPEAKER SUMMER BREAK 19 Sep Pat Hase Alfred Leete – Your Country Needed You – WW1 Poster! 17 Oct Sarah Harris The History of Spinning and Spinning Wheels 21 Nov Steve Poole Much Loss & Misery – Somerset Flooding in the 19th century 19 Dec Terry Ransome Yuri Gagarin – First Man in Space