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Familiar to audiences of many Wrington Drama Club productions - from Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime to How the Other Half Loves - Mark Bullen revived his role as writer of a series of studies of the history of the village, for the Local History Society of which he is currently Hon Secretary.
Eschewing the electronic complexities of Powerpoint and similar computer-based programs, he made use of his own “Paperpoint” device for guiding his attentive audience through his analysis of the stages of the creative production process. The photographs below show a few of his visual aids, and the full text - and illustrations - of his Wrington at War may be found elsewhere on the website. The recording of his talk may be paused and resumed as necessary. Pages from the 1895 sale catalogue referred to may be viewed elsewhere on the website
A montage of some of the variety of sources drawn on The Millennium Victorian Street Market to which Mark refers Close up of a map of the centre of the village taken from the 1895 sale catalogue
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