Wrington Memorial Hall & Recreation Field Committee Scale of Charges 2021 Hire of Memorial Hall 2021 rate 9.00 am to 6 pm £11.00 per hour 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm (Sundays 10pm) £14.00 per hour 1pm-12 midnight (hall cleared by 12.15 & not Sundays) £20.00 per hour Full day bookings (to 11.00 pm) £160.00 Hire of kitchen for preparation of food (including use of crockery and cutlery £20.00 Use of kitchen for making tea and coffee/light refreshments £5.00 Hire of Tables (off premises) £1.00 each Sunday Bookings – Weekday charge plus 50% Deposit: £50 (£100 for large events) to cover damage/unacceptable state in which the facility is left . Discount on Option Bookings (ie: 10 or over in a year): Standard Hire Charge less 10% and subject to cancellation by the Committee. Licence: This can be made available by application to the Caretaker and also the Parish Council at a cost of £20. In any event a request to serve/sell alcohol must have the prior permission of the Parish Council in writing (email accepted: ). NB: Hirers of the Hall are insured for Public Liability under the Parish Council’s policies.