Wrington Local History Society  Nick Joy talks about Perry Bridge finds
Tuesday, 22nd February, 2011
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Pieces of mortaria for grinding spices Hypocaust pieces Roman roof tile Right side: fragment of Roman-British 2-strand copper alloy bracelet; Nummus coin ofValentinian I (364-375AD)
Nick describes his field walking both sides of the Bridgwater Road just before Perry Bridge. He describes and shows various finds on the site, photos of which are below. He draws on his discussions with Vince Russett, the North Somerset archaeologist. He is beginning to collaborate with the Yatton,Cleeve, Congresbury & Claverham Archaeological Research Team - YCCTART for short ! - who have their own geophysical equipment which could enable research on the site in greater depth. This would, for example, allow a more certain assessment of Vince Russett’s hunch that there may be the remains of a Roman fort on the west side of the road.
The recording can be paused as convenient. Its total running time is approx 16 mins.  It consists of extracts of relevant portions of the evening’s discussions,