Redhill WI It was good to see our President – Hilary Vowles – back on her feet again after her accident back in April. She welcomed members to the June meeting and introduced our speaker for the evening, Mr Richard Leaman, whose talk was entitled ‘Sir Terry Wogan- The Cheque’s in the Post’. Richard entertained us with anecdotes from his time when he was a contributor under the ‘pen name’ Horatio Q Birdbath, to the Radio 2 Terry Wogan breakfast show. He had loved the radio since a young boy (reminding us of programmes such as Uncle Mac) and had been helped throughout his adult life by the Terry Wogan show, with some of its deep, measured, thoughtful and insightful comments from Terry himself. Again, we were reminded of ‘The Floral Dance’ and Conrad Veidt’s ‘There’s a Lighthouse shines across the Bay’! Richard then became a regular contributor of odes and poems to the show taking the mickey out of newsreaders of the time such as Fran Godfrey and Alan Dedicoat and he eventually became one of the TOGs (Terry’s Old Geezers). He had with him the second volume of the book containing some of his odes which had been published and he read us a few of them; then he also showed us his prized possession of a signed copy of Sir Terry’s autobiography. Lindy Wood thanked him – in rhyme! – and we then asked him if he would kindly judge the competition, which was for a single rose and which was won by Liz Shorney. The speaker’s wife won the raffle! After the usual refreshments, the business followed and plans were finalised for the Land Army Cream Tea at the end of June. Our next fund-raising event will be the annual Harvest Supper, which will be held in Redhill Village Hall on October 25th. Watch this space for further details in forthcoming journals. The meeting closed at 9.30. New members – or former, returning members – will always be most welcome. We meet in Redhill Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm.
Christ Church In May, we celebrated the arrival of a new member of our church set-up: Family Service. On the whole we enjoy a pattern of services that are lively and engaging, but traditional in nature. Many find these services helpful in celebrating the blessings in their lives and seeking help with their concerns, whilst also encountering the wonder and mystery that is God. However, traditional services do not suit everyone. In response to this we have introduced this Family Service on the fourth Sunday of each month, starting at 11am. Our Family Service is about 30 minutes long, ending with refreshments. It is lively and fun, a service in which young children can join in with their parents and the usual congregation. We understand that the church is not the building; that is just where we meet; it is the people and so it is important to us that the existing congregation, and the families that are coming, come together in this worship. The first Family Service in May saw five families join us. We had a lovely time looking at what a church is. There are churches all over the country, but have we ever thought about what makes a church ‘A Church’. Whilst I have already given that game away; The People; the building is a big influence. Most are built to represent upturned boats. This takes us into the story of Noah’s Ark and God’s care for His creation. We had a lot of fun trying to see the building the other way up, as if the roof beams were the hull of the boat. By the time you read this there will have been another Family Service on 23rd June. The Family Service this month will be on 28th July. Do come along and see how you like it. It is not just for children, but people of all ages, to share in the delight of getting to know God better. The songs in this service are especially important and quite different from our usual hymns. Our Organist is enjoying using the piano for a change and the children join in with various shakers. But if you fancy volunteering to add to our musical accompaniment, please do get in touch. I fancy a Djembe Drum and/or Guitar would go down very well. Do get in touch if you are interested. Most of all, do think about coming along to see if this style of church is something you have been waiting for. However you relate to God, may He bring blessings into your life, Andrew Rev’d Andrew Hemming, Priest for Redhill
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