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Redhill WI - Liz Shorney
3rd December marks the beginning of Advent, time for anticipating the arrival of Jesus. All the things going on in and around Redhill Church during December were detailed in last month’s Journal, but do keep an eye on <https://www.achurchnearyou.com/christchurch-redhill/> for details of the events to come and photos of those that have happened. What I want to talk about now is ‘Our expectations of Christmas?’ Every child will tell you the answer is ‘The birth of Jesus’. And every child knows that what we are really anticipating is the holidays, the parties, the presents and the food. Celebrating the Birthday of Jesus is a great time for all of us, clergy included, but is there not something more? What difference will this Christmas make come January when school/work resumes? The anticipation of Christmas Day, with all the trimmings, is mirrored in our anticipation of presents under the tree. We love to look at them, maybe pick one up to feel the weight and give a little shake. Come Christmas Day we let loose the child within us all and tear our presents open. Here, the comparison with Christmas diverges, because very few really explore the relevance of Christmas to our lives. That is like anticipating Christmas Day, then leaving our presents unopened. Before that first Christmas, God was understood to be a big, powerful, and frankly scary ‘thing’ that it was dangerous to get too close to. Any who looked upon God could expect to die. He was unapproachable and thought of as generally disappointed with how the human race had turned out. At the first Christmas, God gave Himself to be known as a human baby. Through the Bible stories we have come to know Him as a boy, then a man, not that different from ourselves. Through Jesus we have also come to know that God loves each one of us as His own child. Many disciples invited Jesus into their homes and their lives. In celebrating His birth again this year we are reminded that we too can invite Him into our homes and our lives. And to celebrate this He offers us gifts. Gifts of Love, Joy, Peace, Hope and Freedom from guilt. Was there ever a time when we had more need of those gifts? Don’t forget to open these gifts too. Wishing you joy at Christmas Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We held our annual Harvest Supper on Friday, 27th October. We had a wonderful evening and it was great to share it with so many members, family and friends. The food was excellent, as usual. This was followed by entertainment given by The Flaming Feathers – a Bristol dance group. They performed a wide variety of dances from burlesque to the can-can to dancing with feather fans (an experience which the members had enjoyed at a meeting earlier in the year). We would like thank all those who made it such a good evening. The proceeds from this will enable us to fund events in the community. This is part of our commitment to the National Federation’s Resolution this year directed at alleviating loneliness in communities. We have been pleased to welcome several new members this year, which has been fantastic and we look forward to their friendship and companionship over the coming years. Our Christmas Party will be at 7.30 on Tuesday, 12th December, when we shall have an American Supper. This will be followed by a Christmas Sing-Along. All are welcome, so come and join us and hopefully you will pay us another visit in the New Year when our new 2018 programme begins. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~