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Redhill WI - Liz Shorney
On 24th September at 11am we are holding our Harvest service. This is always a great village event, when we invite our farming neighbours in particular to join us. We give thanks for the harvest that they will have (or will be) gathering in, we give thanks for the beauty of the countryside that surrounds our village and we give thanks for our village that has been shaped so much by the farms and the farming industry. We have a lot to be grateful for in Redhill and this is a great occasion to express our pride in our village and our gratitude. The harvest service is very traditional, in that we will welcome harvest produce, whether it be from your farm or from your garden. We will sing the familiar hymns. Most importantly, it will be a great big celebration to which the whole village is welcome. But there will be some new features. The children of our Story Time, the children that meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon, will be preparing a special Altar Frontal for Harvest. At the Story Time meeting on August 27th we will be starting to build up the new Frontal, with a picture of Redhill; the A38, the houses, the fields and the cattle. This will be made up of all sorts of shapes cut out of material and magazines, with pasta shapes to bring texture to the fields and trees. During the harvest service, we will add more colour and detail, bringing it to the front and attaching it to the Altar during the service. After the service, all are welcome to stay for refreshments, coffee and cake. Harvest is a celebration of the food our farmers produce from God’s good creation. But it is more than that. It is a chance to reflect on all the blessings God provides and all we make from them, in whatever line of work we may be employed. God does not spoon feed us, humankind is ingenious in how it uses the gifts and talents God provides, but without the basis of creation, without our Father in Heaven, we could do nothing. Harvest is a celebration of our collaboration with God and our appreciation of His marvellous creation. Do come along and celebrate with us. Wishing you peace and joy, Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The WI hosted a very successful concert on 15th July, given by the Royal Mail Choir and followed this with a Barbecue afterwards. We hope that all who came had a very enjoyable evening. The money raised amounted to over £600 and has been split between Redhill WI and the choir’s charity of the year, ‘Sing up for Mental Health’. Thank you to all who came. On 7th August many of us had a great day out at Lyme Regis in spite of the weather towards the end of the day. Fish and chips, ice-creams, tea and cake were all enjoyed in the sunshine watching the families on the beach, whilst several of us imagined ourselves as characters from Jane Austen whilst walking on The Cob! Or even on The Cob with Tom Cruise!! Our annual Harvest Supper will be held on Friday, 27th October in the Village Hall. Tickets will cost £10 and will be on sale in September. The entertainment this year will be a cabaret given by a Bristol dance group – The Flaming Feathers. Do come and join us – as usual excellent food and entertainment. So put the date in your diary now! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~