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As Easter Day falls on 1st April, you will understand my talking of Easter in this article. At Redhill Church we have a number of special services in the week leading up to Easter Day: Palm Sunday Communion on 25th March at 11am in which we will cele-brate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. This is a joyful, exciting service. Maundy Thursday Communion on 29th March at 7pm. This is a poign-ant service, in which we re-enact the scene of the Last Supper and the striping and mocking of Christ. We leave the church stripped of all adornment, as we await the events of Good Friday. Good Friday 3rd Hour service on 30th March at 2pm. Here we reflect on the events leading up to Christ’s death, considering how much the world today still has to learn from the life of Christ. Easter Eve Service on Saturday 31st March at 7:30pm. Here we anticipate the dawning of Easter Day. A highly traditional, highly elaborate, joyful service, full of symbolism for the hope that we can all gain from Christ’s resurrection. It finishes with fireworks that should awake every-one to the coming wonder of Easter Day. Easter Day Family Communion on 1st April at 11am. This is a service specifically for everyone. Quite infor-mal, with a strong sense of party, we will be relishing the joy of Easter. Easter Eggs will be in abundance. The promise of Easter is two fold: Forgiveness for all. God, our Heaven-ly Father has a deep love for every-one. No one is excluded. Whatever you think, or believe, or follow, you can ask God’s forgiveness and He will forgive you. As many times as you need to ask. This is one of the big messages of the Bible. It is God’s gift to you. Life. When God the Son, Jesus Christ, arose from death, He showed that He had conquered death for eve-ryone. What that life may be is as difficult for us to understand as it is for a caterpillar to understand that it will become a butterfly and fly. It is a mystery. But a wonderful mystery and a firm promise of God. May we all share in the joy of Easter May we all share in the joy of New Life. Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Every 4th Wednesday  10.30am-12.30pm Coffee’n’Company An pop-up café providing an opportunity to catch up with                                                                     friends and meet new ones over coffee and cake Every 4th Sunday  4pm-5pm Storytime A time to explore Bible stories for primary aged children and their families Alternate Thursdays  2pm-3.30pm The Tot Spot  Come and have some fun with other young parents and their toddlers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ We are holding a Ploughman’s Lunch on Saturday, 3rd March 12.00 – 1.30pm. Tickets £6.50 to include ploughmans, pudding, tea/coffee. For tickets telephone 01934 863058, or 862778 , 863080 Singing for Fun Our next Singing for Fun will be held at Christ Church, Redhill, on Tuesday 20 March starting at 7pm. Despite the weather numbers doubled at our January session so the volume doubled and we had a great time. No singing or musical skills are required and everyone is welcome to join us for an evening of fun with a well deserved refreshment break. Please bring any favourite CDs and the words if possible. We look forward to seeing everyone. Enquiries to Tina Hillis 07835806555
Redhill WI - Liz Shorney Saturday, 31st March, 2pm  – 4.00pm Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Bonnet Parade – prizes for best child and best adult bonnet. Refreshments available. Easter Egg Hunt - £1.50 per entry. Raising money for Redhill WI. Visit our Facebook page @redhillWI for further information. Unfortunately our February speaker was unable to come to our meeting. The good news was though, that one of our members, Dorothy Blackmore, was able to step in and what an excellent evening we had! Dorothy was, for many years, a warden at the Methodist International House in Bristol. She told tales of the extremely varied nature of her work, how she coped with living ‘on-site’ in a flat with her young family and the many friends she made during the course of her work. We had such an interesting evening. Thank you Dorothy. Our meeting on 10th April will be an Open Evening, when we invite non-members to join us for the evening. The theme is an ‘in-house’ Arts & Craft evening – there will tables with activities for people to sample, refreshments and lots of new friends to meet. Come along and join us at 7.30pm in Redhill Village Hall.