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By the time this article is published Christmas will have faded into a distant memory. This is not helped by the rapid approach of Lent and Easter. In fact, these two festivals are one of a piece. The birth of Jesus (Christmas) was the unprecedented appearance of God in human form. Never before had we been given such an insight into the workings of God. He came so that we might understand Him better and so better return His love. But also that we could see Him experience our lives. Good Friday, when we remember the death of Jesus, is God going through the ultimate human experience. Easter Day, Jesus manifests the ultimate divine experience; resurrection from the dead. Jesus was born, not just that we might know that God is prepared to share in our human lives, but that we may have the hope that we will share in His divine life; New Life. December and January have been marked with an exceptionally high number of funerals across the benefice. At each I have tried to speak of the hope of this New Life. Difficult, when no one knows what that New Life will be like. But I am sure that the witness of the lambs and calves, the flowers and the tree buds this spring all speak of God’s promise of New Life. Their life springs out of the apparent death of winter. Our New Life springs out of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Whilst this was never going to be a comprehensive explanation of these great festivals, I hope it brings into focus the mystery, wonder and ex-citement of Easter as a pair with Christmas. And it comes at a time when our gardens and the countryside are just bursting with the joy and wonder of new life. February 14th, Valentine's Day, is the start of Lent; interesting juxtaposing of highs and lows. But do not take it that Lent is meant to be a miserable time. I find it an exciting time. A time when we can relish and explore the wonder of New Life. You will see from our calendar of events that there is a lot going on across the Benefice during Lent, all aimed at promoting a shared exploration of New Life. Join in the events as much or as little as you wish, but do not miss out on the wonder and the hope as we approach Easter. May we all share in the joy of New Life. Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Every 4th Wednesday  10.30am-12.30pm Coffee’n’Company An pop-up café providing an opportunity to catch up with                                                                     friends and meet new ones over coffee and cake Every 4th Sunday  4pm-5pm Storytime A time to explore Bible stories for primary aged children and their families Alternate Thursdays  2pm-3.30pm The Tot Spot  Come and have some fun with other young parents and their toddlers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Singing for Fun Our next Singing for Fun will be held at Christ Church, Redhill, on Tuesday 20 February starting at 7pm. Our first session in November was very successful. We had great fun singing Jerusalem, Abba, Elvis and songs from shows. At times we had the Church rocking with laughter and music. No singing or musical skills are required and everyone is welcome to join us for an evening of fun with a well deserved refreshment break. Please bring any favourite CDs and the words if possible. We look forward to seeing everyone. Enquiries to Tina Hillis 07835806555
Redhill WI - Liz Shorney We held our Annual Meeting at the beginning of November. It was reported that our finances were in good order and that an interesting programme had been put in place for 2018. A message from Hilary Vowles, who unfortunately was not able to be at the meeting, thanked everyone who had made it a very successful year. Clare Potter in her report spoke about the success of our Afternoon Tea for St George’s Day, the concert on 15th July featuring the Royal Mail Choir and our annual Harvest Supper held on 27th October. Following the annual election for officers, Rona Luckham was elected President. The other officers are – Vice-President, Hilary Vowles; Secretary, Clare Potter; Treasurer, Karen Gronback. In December we had an ‘American-Supper’ style Christmas Party for members. We extended an invitation to people from the village who wanted to join us and it was good to see several people who were new to the village. During the evening, Rona thanked Hilary for the great service she has given to our WI. This has been most noticeable in the number of people she has brought into Redhill WI over a number of years and her tireless work at every event. She was then presented with a bouquet of flowers as a token of our thanks. Our excellent programme of events include talks on Genealogy, La Trama Olive Oil, ‘Hearing Dogs’ for deaf people, The Challenge of Re-Enactment, Windmills & Windmillers, the RNLI, Katie Morag and The Bristol Riots. We have monthly competitions and various other events so please look at the Redhill section on the website for Wrington on a regular basis for further information. As part of our support for the National Federation’s Resolution – Alleviating Loneliness – we have set up and funded, on a monthly basis, a singing session ‘Singing for Fun’. The group meet in the church on a monthly basis. All are welcome – those who are confident and those who aren’t. Look out for the date of the next session in February. Redhill WI always has a warm welcome for people who are interested in coming along to our meetings as a visitor prior to deciding to become members. So please look at our website or contact a member.