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Redhill WI - Liz Shorney
July 11th
Jetta Blumenthael - ‘Herbs from your Garden, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health’
Saturday, July 15th 
Barbecue and Concert given by local members of the Royal Mail Choir – all welcome.
Details to be announced.
Summer Outing TBC
September 12th 
Reg King - ‘How to Keep Warm in Bed’
October 10th 
Presentation - ‘Tropic Natural Skincare’
November 14th 
Annual Meeting &Committee Elections
December 12th 
Christmas Party
As you can see, plenty of everything to tempt you! Come along and see if it’s for you
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One of the many privileges of my role is in leading worship in the schools of Burrington and Wrington. That will not involve all the children in Redhill, but quite a number. This worship can take the form of ‘Open the Book’, a dramatic telling of a Bible story, through to a discussion exploring what difference God and the Christian faith might make to our lives. Whatever the theme, the intent is the same, to share a sense of hope in God by exploring the possibility of:- 1. There being more to life than only that which we can touch and control. 2. Never needing to feel totally alone and hopeless. 3. There being a hope for the human race that goes beyond simply surviving. This is all about our personal relationship with God. That may be a very personal thing to you, which you express privately in the garden or by by enjoying our countryside. Or, the exploring of your relationship with God, might be something that you would like to do with others of a similar mind. You might want this for yourself, or for your family, or to be something that you do with your family and others. It has been the experience of many across the country, and wider afield, that exploring your relationship with God with others and across generations is both deeply rewarding and tremendous fun. This is the essence of what the church should be to its community. For some people traditional church services do exactly that, and our current Sunday services do have a strong sense of joy. But this is not right for everyone. Some may prefer something as informal as a Cafe Church, where we sit around table sharing coffee and croissants, discussing the evidence of God in our Papers, or in a Video Clip, or even in a Bible passage. The things that trouble us, we might offer up to God, asking for His help. Christ Church is looking at providing something of this ilk to Redhill, to see if it is helpful. Whether it is something that we can enjoy together and enjoy with our families. If you are interested, please get in touch. I will be making enquiries about interest in this around the village over the next few months. Wishing you peace and joy, Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~