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Please forgive me if this month’s article springs from a rather personal turn of events. My prayer is that this simple tale may brings you hope. I write this article on the evening of the feast of Ascension, when we celebrate Jesus returning to be with His Father in Heaven. There is a chapel dedicated to the Ascension in Wallsingham (Norfolk), which has in the ceiling above the altar the image of two feet poking out from the bottom of a cloud. They are intended to show how Jesus was lifted from the earth, passing up through the clouds, to heaven. Such representations have led to Ascension being treated with less respect than it might, dismissed as having nothing to do with the realities of life. So it was on this day, Ascension Day, when I should have been celebrating Jesus ascending to heaven, that I found myself saying goodbye to my earthly Father, who passed away about 2:30 in the morning. My Father was named Noel, as he was born on Christmas Day, the festival at which we celebrate Jesus coming to earth from heaven. The symmetry and elegance in my Father’s birth and death on these particular Christian festi-vals gives me cause to smile. It gives me joy. The loss of a loved one is always a painful event and this was no exception. I miss him terribly, but may I not make the mistake of being sorry for him. The bedrock of the Christian Church is the hope of something beyond the mystery and the misery of this earthly life. The Ascension of Jesus is important as it points the way to that ‘something more’; what we often refer to as ‘Life after death’. The Church is full of symbols that try to aid our under-standing of, and our hope in, this wonderful promise of God. My Father was a man of simple pleasures, he had a simple faith and in many ways lived a simple life; no more special than anyone else; no less special either. But the significance of the dates of his birth and death just happen to highlight a most amazing hope in which we can all share. Christ Church is a simple church with a simple purpose, to hold out to you that same hope, to make that hope a meaningful reality in your life. With joy at God’s blessings for us all Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Every 4th Wednesday  10.30am-12.30pm Coffee’n’Company A pop-up café providing an opportunity to catch up with                                         friends and meet new ones over coffee and cake Every 4th Sunday  4pm-5pm Storytime A time to explore Bible stories for primary aged children and their families Alternate Thursdays  2pm-3.30pm The Tot Spot  Come and have some fun with other young parents and their toddlers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Singing for Fun Our next Singing For Fun session will be held at Christ Church, Redhill, on Tuesday 19 June starting at 7pm. We start with singing Jerusalem and move on to the likes of John Denver, Abba, Dusty Springfield to name just a few and finish with one or two well known hymns. We can't claim any musical expertise, hence no singing or musical skills are required, but we can guarantee a good laugh. It's all about enjoying good company, all are welcome so please come along and join us for any evening of music and fun and let's get those giggle glands going.Enquiries to Tina Hillis 07835806555 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Christ Church, Redhill – Ploughman’s Lunch, Following the cancellation of this event earlier in the year, we have now re-arranged this event for 12.00 – 1.30pm, Saturday, 30th June. If you still have your ticket, this is still valid. If you have yet to buy a ticket please contact the Church Wardens or either of the following phone numbers – 01934 863058 or 01934 862778. Tickets £6.50 – Ploughman’s + Dessert + Tea/Coffee.
Redhill WI  - Liz Shorney Reminder: We are holding our Summertime Cream Tea on Saturday, 21st July 2018 from 2.30pm – 4.30pm. Redhill Village Hall. Come along and enjoy delicious homemade scones and cakes whilst being entertained by Steve Price and Pete, our very popular local musicians. For information on tickets please visit our Facebook Page or the Village Website over the coming weeks.