Revd Andrew Hemming, Priest for Redhill; 01761-462582     M: 07584-124198
Last month I wrote about the need to live in this moment, to enjoy this moment, and not to just hunker down and wait for things to get back to 'Normal'. I look around Redhill now and there is a lot to celebrate; we live in one of the are- as least impacted by COVID-19; the weather and the countryside has been ideal for exercise walks; we have enjoyed the lack of traffic in the air and on the A38; people have been incredibly caring of each other. Of course, there have been difficulties; loneliness has been a real issue for several in Self Isolation; future job prospects are worrying especially for the self employed; some have fallen victim to this disease; some of us who are Key Workers have had very difficult times. Still, what people are telling me is that we have a lot to be grateful for. We better understand our interdependence upon each other and the joy of helping each other. We are also better appreciating the simple things of life that do not cost the earth. Now the News is preparing us for two future parallel onslaughts; a major financial recession and the difficulty of managing a safe easing off of Lock-Down. But what strikes me is that the blessings that we have been appreciating during Lock-Down are the very things that will help us cope with these next challenges. The more caring, considerate, approach people are tak-ing to the realities of this life are making that life more manageable and more tolerable. And the things we can access, and can afford, are really valued and really beneficial. We are not going to be insulated from the coming financial crisis, as we were the disease itself, but through helping each other we all have a really good chance of sur-viving these coming challenges. This new spirit that we are experiencing, of caring and cooperation, was not invented by the church, but I would claim that it was invented by God. Throughout the Bible we are told to 'Love one another as we love ourselves', that is the essence of what I see occurring across Redhill and indeed the country. When we live like that we come nearer to how God has always encouraged us to live, we come closer to Him. God has always been there to help us, but the closer we come to living as He would have us live, the more aware we will be of His help and support. The next 12 months, at least, will be tough on all of us, but Lock-Down has given us a lot of the tools we need to survive it together. May God grace us all with His bountiful love and fill our hearts with abounding hope for what is to come. Andrew
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