Christ Church, Redhill                July, 2020
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the Revd Andrew Hemming, Priest for Redhill; 01761-462582     M: 07584-124198
Writing this article in the middle of July, I have little idea what life in Redhill during August will feel like, or even the life of your church. I know that we will resume having services in church from 12th July; short simple Services only for now, with no Communion. Hopefully, during August, we will work out how to enjoy coffee together after the Services, though maybe brandy would be a more hygienic option. So much to learn and work out. That, for me, is the exciting thing about this stage in the COVID event. Christ Church is not trying to go back to what it was but, recognising that this crisis has changed us all, is keen to find how it can best serve the new 'Post COVID' community of Redhill. Oh, I am sure there will be lots of things about the future Christ Church that many would recognise and treasure, but it cannot just be the same as it was. For one thing the need to keep fighting the virus demands that we behave differently; Hand Sanitising, Social Distancing, minimising Aerosol Emissions (Singing and Coughs) and a thorough clean of the church after every Service. Also, we are not the same as before the crisis; we have experienced, for the first time in 50 years, a very real threat to our lives and livelihoods. Many have also found, in the face of this existential threat, a real hope in the promises of God. God does not promise to wrap us in cottonwool, but He does promise to lead us through any and all crises. He also holds out to us a promise of life beyond what we currently know. Christ Church, the building and the community centred around it, has always been relaxed, welcoming and loving. Within that community there is a huge range of attitudes towards God. It is this that adds to the richness of your church and the openness to people of all views. The historical legacy of the Church of England, as the Established church, means that Christ Church does not have a formal membership. Everyone who lives in Redhill, or who simply passes through, is considered to come within its loving embrace. All are free to ignore this. But anytime you may wish to pop along to any of our events, when we can start them up again (Coffee & Company, Singing for Fun, Tots Spot, or any of our Services) you would be most welcome. Or if you just want to chat, give me a phone call or meet me in the Club, when open again I'm usually there on a Friday evening after 9pm. Please know that there is always a welcome for you at Christ Church. May God grace us all with His bountful love and fill our hearts with abounding hope for what is to come Andrew