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By the time you read this article the great build up to Easter, and Easter Day itself, will be behind us; allowing the Church to begin to relax. Though Easter was late this year, it can seem that the Church has been in a permanent state of ex-citement from the beginning of Advent (start of December and the build up to Christmas) all the way through to Easter Day. And whilst that is great, it can feel as if some of the local issues get pushed to the background in favour of cele-brating those big festivals. Well now is the time to redress the balance. There is a period between 30th May and 9th June when we at Redhill Church will be praying especially for issues of particular concern to our community. I hope all or our prayers are relevant to our community, but I mean by this issues such as the Children’s Play Area, the future of the Club, local Bus Ser-vices, Airport Parking, Traffic on the A38, etc. Over these eleven days, we will be putting particular emphasis on the needs, and also the particular blessings, of our community. You may well ask ‘And what good do you expect that to do?’ Well, whilst there is no certainty over what God may do, the experience of many communities over many centuries, is that when things are underpinned with ardent prayer, progress is more likely and more long lasting. Wexve not done this before, so I would encourage you to support us in this endeavour. What I would like you to do is tell us the concerns you have for our community, also the blessings you would want to be celebrated. How you do this is easy. If you drop by the church, you will find a small altar at the front on the right hand side, beside the main altar. On that side altar you will find a pile of cards and a pen. There is no need to give your name, or the name of anyone in- volved, but please just write on a card your concern, or the blessing you want to celebrate, and we will include it in our prayers daily over that period. If you wanted to join us in those prayers, we will be gathering in church on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am and again on Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm (May 30th through to June 9th). Someone said ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. Well, we plan to be asking, and asking about the things that concern you. Please help us by letting us know what those things are. May this time of prayer be a blessing on us and all of our community. Advance notice! We shall be holding our Annual Summer BBQ on Saturday, 27th July. Another date for your diaries! Last year there was the additional excitement of a gale force wind! Wexre hoping that this year it will be a just as enjoyable day, but without the drama of a breakaway gazebo! Andrew
Redhill WI By the time you read this we will have held our Saturday Soup and Pudding fundraising lunch, which we hope will have been a great success! Our WI meeting in April, therefore, consisted of finalising plans for the event, count-ing plates and bowls in the Hall kitchen- as we were anticipating a good re-sponse- and re-thinking our bread order to accommodate our increasing numbers! Members were sorry to hear about the accident Hilary Vowles, president, had sustained while on holiday in Morocco and we all wish her a speedy recovery. Following the business part of the meeting and, of course, over the statutory cup of tea, members produced samples of their crafts and activities to share with everyone present. Examples of sewing, knitting, painting, colouring and a flower quiz were all on offer and members enjoyed a very sociable time. The raffle was won by Marion Grimes and, as Lindy Wood’s was the only (beautifully!) decorated hen’s egg, she was the first prize winner! The next meeting will be held on May 14th at 7.30 when a pottery workshop with Donna Coles has been arranged. Thanks are due to Ruth Bruton for organising this and for keeping our programme fresh and interesting. If you would like to come along and join us (or re-join) you would be very welcome. The meeting closed at 9.30. Lindy Wood