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104 years ago Archduke Franz Ferdi-nand was assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, an event that was to plunge the world into a state of war. This was the first time a war of this scale had occurred. It was called the Great War because this was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Indians, Australians, Italians, Germans and people from Redhill were among those called upon to fight. In Redhill Club one Friday night I was shown a photograph of Redhill taken just before the Great War, it showed the Bridgwater Road (A38) as a single track road with an unmetalled surface; the Darlington was there together with the cottages on the oth-er side of the road with long front gar-dens leading from the road. This was a very different time. In those days, leading up to the Great War and during, we can be certain that the good people of Redhill would have met in their church each Sun-day morning praying for peace and the safe return of their young men. The Priest then was one Alcwyn Elkington Jones. The services would have been very different, strictly Prayer Book, but the names in the congregation would have been strikingly familiar to us today, you can tell this from the Baptism Register. ‘The more a thing changes, the more it stays the same’ as the old French saying goes. Redhill lost five of it’s young men in that war: Percy William Jackson Jack Dudden Albert Berry Joseph Hale Ernest Thornett On 11th November -Armistice Day 100th Anniversary - at 10:50am (so we can join in the 2 minutes si-lence at 11am) the villagers of Redhill will again gather in their church. We will remember again those who went to fight for the peace we now enjoy and those who lost their lives. As did the villagers 100 years ago, we will pray for peace, for a time when our young people will never again be called upon to fight in a war. In deed, we will commit ourselves to that peace. But peace, as in the ab-sence of war, is not enough, we need to commit ourselves to dreaming of a better future, for nothing new hap-pens without first someone dreams of that better thing. It is through our hope filled dreams that the old French saying will be debunked. By first dreaming and then living that future. This Armistice Day we will pray for God’s help and we will commit our-selves to Peace, and dreaming and living a Better Life that honours the past sacrifice they made for our fu-ture. Praying God’s blessing on us all Andrew ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Every 4th Wednesday 10.30am-12.30pm Coffee’n’Company A pop-up café providing an opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new ones over coffee and cake Every 4th Sunday 4pm-5pm Storytime A time to explore Bible stories for primary aged children and their families Alternate Thursdays 2pm-3.30pm The Tot Spot Come and have some fun with other young parents and their toddlers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At this session (unbelievably) we will be celebrating our first anniversary. It has been a very successful and happy year so I thought we would honour the occasion with a birthday cake and maybe a bit of bubbly during our refreshment break so I do hope you will be able to join us. We are singing the occasional carol and are now adding songs from shows to our repertoire, so there is no stopping us and the show must go on and the laughter continue. We look forward to seeing everyone. Tina Hillis
Redhill WI It was good to meet up again after the summer break. We had a very suc-cessful trip to Minehead in August – we were even able to enjoy a rainfree afternoon and many of us re-called happy memories of steam train journeys as children. Our first speaker of our autumn session was Elsa Crawford, who came to speak about her experiences becoming part of the Etsy enterprise selling system via the internet. The title was intriguing as we were wondering about the connection with Katie Morag – a children’s story! As it happened, it was the necessity of having to make a ‘Katie Morag’ costume for World Book Day at her daughter’s school. This has now grown into a much larger business which exports a wide range of hand/home-made character costumes all over the world. Our October speaker is Bob Bruton, who is going to speak on The Bristol Riots. We are looking forward to hear-ing about this difficult time for Bristoli-ans. On Friday, 26th October, we are hosting our Harvest Supper and we are hoping that many of the Journal readers will have seen the posters around and about and bought tickets to enjoy a delicious supper and listen to The Twerzels. We are anticipating a great evening – more news next month. Tuesday, 13th November is the date of our Annual Meeting. We will be electing our Committee and President for the coming year. Come along at 7.30pm and join us for the evening to find out more about Redhill WI.