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the Revd Andrew Hemming, Priest for Redhill; 01761-462582     M: 07584-124198 E:<andrewmhemming@btinternet.com>
Happy New Year. I know it is now February, but this is my first chance to tell you about our Christmas and preceding Advent. It was great. If you like statistics, we had a footfall through the church door of 387; 59 children and 328 adults. Yes, a fair proportion of these will be individuals who attended several services, but still, this is really good news. What it means, we hope, is that more and more people in Redhill are finding something in their church which is meaningful to them. Our church is growing and is growing younger. That is not to exclude our more senior members. Indeed, they have often remarked to me how they long to see younger people joining in the life of the church. We believe this is happening because we are providing services and events that better match what people want from their church, also more people are coming to hear about what we are doing. So last year ended with a bang and we look forward to 2020 with great hope and excitement. Unfortunately, the end of 2019 saw us saying farewell to Malcolm and Liz Shorney, who have moved away from Redhill in order to seek a new adventure in the far east; not where the Wise Men came from, but Suffolk. Malcolm and Liz have lived next to the church in Redhill for over 20 years, during which time they have made a tremendous contribution to the village and the church in particular. Liz, who has been our only Server in the church for many years, Secretary, has arranged the Flower Arrangers, contributed hugely to all of our social occasions and has also been an influential member of WI. Malcolm has been the treasurer to the church for most of those 20 years, a role which he has expanded to take on many other administrative jobs for the church. In addition they have generously opened their home to the church on numerous occasions. Add to this the fact that they have both been faithful members of the prayerful community of Christ Church. They are already greatly missed. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude and we wish them all the very best for this next adventure in their lives. Though we had wished that Malcolm and Liz might have stayed, we are pleased to welcome into their old house, and the community of Redhill, Paul, Clara and young Freddie. May they be just as happy as Malcolm and Liz. May God grace us all with His bountiful gift of love, a sense of adventure and abounding hope for our future Andrew
Redhill WI