Update 9th June, 2016  Cox’s Green/Havyatt Road Planning Application  The Planning Application has now been submitted by Redcliffe Homes to build 59 houses on land between Cox’s Green and Havyatt Road. The can of worms has well and truly been opened and the application makes stark reading. The developer’s plans to mitigate the absurd nature of this planning application are shocking. For example, to deal with the waste water from the 59 homes built, the developers expect to dig up and modify the drains under Garstons, to accommodate the extra water.   That’s right… waste water from another 59 homes to go through Garstons…  Then there’s the plan to change the road layout along Cox’s Green towards the village, to a single lane with ‘give way’ priorities… on a blind bend. Such mitigations are at best, ridiculous - but at worst, dangerous.   But this isn’t the most distressing part of this application. Redcliffe homes are going after Wrington. They are challenging the very policies which are protecting Wrington from the wrong developments in the wrong places and if they succeed the flood gates will be open for any developer to submit planning applications without full consideration for any negative impact on the village.   The Wrington Village Alliance has spent the past few months getting up to speed on planning rules, regulations, policies and politics – and we genuinely have a chance of winning this.     But this battle won’t be won on the number of objections or the support of MPs and councillors alone.  They play a vital part but we have to play the developers at their own game, so we’ve engaged a planning consultant - someone who knows the system and how to beat it.    Members of the group have all dug deep into their pockets to cover these costs – those who can’t afford to, as well as those who are more able but we need your help. If you are concerned for the future of the village please submit your objection to North Somerset Council online or in writing. It’s important that you do. But please, if you can, donate to the Wrington Village Alliance (bank details below) – every penny will go into this vital objection.   Application details: To view the documents in full and submit a comment, go to <www.n-somerset.gov.uk>. Click on ‘Planning and Building Control’, then ‘Planning Applications’ and search for application number 16/P/1291/O.   We’ll also be holding a public meeting soon with print outs of the documents available to view.  WVA account details: A/C name: Wrington Village Alliance, A/C no: 63734960, Sort Code: 30-94-83.  Thank you.  Sally, Grant, Andy, Lizzie, Molly and all the members of The Wrington Village Alliance – Against unsustainable development in Wrington.
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