www.wrington.net Julie Kingcott is a community-based artist working and teaching in a mixed variety of materials. Her first involvement with Wrington Drama Club was as make-up artist way back with Wind in the Willows. She then went on to create costume and set designs for future productions, supporting her young family on stage and enjoying the hustle and bustle behind the scenes. This mirrored her involvement as club secretary for several years, until moving on to start up the Wrington Youth Drama in 1998, which was designed to support and encourage young people in the arts. For many years the youth section has produced and directed their own shows with great success, and in 2009 they once again joined forces with the adult club to produce Alice in Wonderland. Peter pan follows this path.  Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was the first major show the group had produced, although there have been many exciting and diverse shows put on in the past, performed mainly to parents. This started with the Junior Spot Light, which set the style for those that followed, including The Stones, Outside World and Music & Fashion - the Last Fifty Years, written by Tony Watts, based on initial ideas from Julie and the members of the group. Later, the group explored more improvisory techniques with Spot On, produced in conjunction with Sandy Hargreaves. Over the years many people have helped Julie, including Sarah Fowke (née Hinton) and Sandy Hargreaves, as well as many parents, who have patiently nurtured, cajoled and encouraged many of the members of the group. Specialist help has also been provided over the years, with Beth Trimmer, who helped Julie start the group, providing interesting sound effects, Reverse Gear, Paul Martin and, more recently, Out of the Blue providing musical accompaniment, and Leigh Harris & John Dunstone helping with lighting. Heartfelt thanks go out to all those people, without them none of these things would have been possible. Wrington Youth Drama   developed some 12 years ago by Julie Kingcott, continues to evolve and expand to accommodate our multi-talented youth of today. Directed by a team of professional tutors - our aim to inspire and encourage confidence. The team:      Artistic director - Julie Kingcott                          Drama Coach - Alan Milne                       Choreographer - Laura Leggett                           Music coach - Rachel Walker                            Script writer - Rachel Bowers Activities include In house performances - Annual showcase - Theatre trips - Backstage workshops Index of productions recorded on this website Youth Drama productions Productions joint with Drama Club