Wrington Bowling Club plays all the year round on its all-weather carpet. The Club opened for outdoor play in 2000 (see Archive). The carpet was renewed in 2012, and its speed now more closely matches that of grass. New Members and guests of all ages are always welcome. Please come along and try your hand at the game. Club equipment is available. During the summer season we run a weekly triples competition at 6pm on Tuesday evenings, and there is usually an informal roll-up at 6 pm on Friday evenings. Over the winter, the triples competition takes place on Wednesday afternoons and the roll-up on Saturday afternoons. More information please contact on of the Club officers: President Roger Smeed 01934 863544  Chairman Roy Clements 01934 862 378  Secretary  Jill Cowgill 01934 862452
Current entry in the Village Journal   Did you know….. The earliest documented use of the word 'Jack' in a Bowls context is by William Shakespeare from Cymbeline (thought to have been written in 1609) when he caused Cloten to exclaim, "Was there ever man had such luck! When I kissed the jack, upon an up-cast to be hit away." Some believe the origin of the word "Jack" is derived from the Latin word ‘Jactus’ ~ eaning a cast or a throw. However, the most popular theory is that Jack, in some contexts, means a slightly smaller version of something. For example a jack-rabbit is a little rabbit. In this case a 'Jack-Bowl', was the little bowl, later shortened to 'Jack'. In 1697 R. Pierce wrote "He had not Strength to throw the Jack-Bowl half over the Green". League Season The league season has been a bit of an up and down affair. Our Ladies strongly contested the top of their league whilst the men, despite some plucky end of season bowling which even saw them beat the league champions, ended in relegation. Club Competitions After a season of keenly contested Club Competitions the following emerged victorious: Men’s Singles ~ Peter Johnson Ladies Singles ~ Linda Johnson Challenge Shield ~ John Gowar Men’s Singles Handicap ~ Pat Lewis Ladies Singles Handicap ~ Jill Cowgill Second Chance Cup ~ John Baker Men’s Pairs ~ Peter Bourrel & John Gowar Ladies Pairs ~ Pauline Jefferies & Sue Titman Mixed Pairs ~ Brenda Lewis & Dave Reynolds Family Cup ~ Andrew & Wendy Tandy Men’s Triples ~ Andy Brown, Ted Moss & Dave Reynolds Ladies Triples ~ Debbie Baker, Jill Cowgill & Yvonne Valentine Christine Bowden Cup ~ Jill Cowgill & Pat Lewis Congratulations to all Andy and Wendy Tandy 01934 86368
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