For the second year running there was a good turnout to the Annual Parish Meeting in the Memorial Hall, with
the prospect of an update from North Somerset officers on flooding problems an undoubted draw. After the
opportunity for informal talks with councillors over cups of tea or coffee, parishioners received reports from the
Chairwoman, Echo irving, the Parish Clerk, Gabrielle Wilson, the Police, before the key topic of flooding
produced many searching questions. The evening concluded with an informative and encouraging contribution
from Jeremy Birkett, in charge of community efforts to improve our position on the Village of the Year results list.
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Echo Irving, Chairwoman Police Sergeant Flagg Sophie Jones (hydrologist) & Paul Croft - North Somerset Council Parishioner Ian Parsons asks an awkward question ... Steph Jones, North Somerset Area Officer for Wrington ... and Roy Clements asks another one