www.wrington.net Wrington Cricket Club Sponsored Cycle Trip to Lords – from the Recreation Ground to HQ – Grassroots cricket from the very base of the cricketing pyramid to the very top. Six Wringtonians (Phil Parker, Andy Robinson, Mick Edmunds, Roger Owen, Jake Buckley, Lewis Yule) undertook the journey to raise money for the provision of sight screens. Approximately £1200 was raised. We started at the Rec and followed the cyclepath from Backwell Farleigh through Long Ashton village and Ashton Court and through Bristol and on to the Bath cycleway which starts at Temple Quay. There is a cycleroute through Bristol via the former Rowland site near Ashton Court, under the Cumberland Basin and via Cumberland Road cyclepath .... Click thumbnail to enlarge ... to the Industrial Museum that connects all the way to Bath ... ... and that hardly touches a single road. From Bath the cycleroute we followed the towpath of  ... ... past the various wildlife ... ... past the White Horse. After being lost in Pewsey and  ... ... after lunch in Hungerford we were able to rejoin the canal ... Passing the new ducklings, who seemed to enjoy the weather, but this clutch didn't stray 1 mm. from mum whichever way she turned. ... at Marsh Benham and onwards towards Reading. As you can see the day was wet and for those without mudguards there were muddy backs at the end of the day. ... and up the famous Caen Hill locks to Devizes. ... the Kennet & Avon canal over the Dundas aqueduct  ...  Past the Olympic rowing facilities near the river ... ... through Eton and Windsor and only straying off the cycle route ... ... to take the more direct route and so avoid the scenic route ... ... through Windsor Great Park and another hill. We then followed the Thames from Cheshunt and crossed the river  ... At Devizes we entered the pubquiz, and with a wide demographic that overed all bases managed to come first and raise more cash for the cause without being pitchforked out of town by the locals. On the Tuesday the weather turned. We tried to follow the towpath which ran out very quickly after Devizes. Having lost the cycletrack we continued off-piste in the rain and up and down hills ... We followed the National Cycle Route all the way to Kingston. A very scenic route up through the woods and lanes ... Home via the train to Yatton in the evening storm that brought a tree down by Cadbury and closed the road but back in the Golden Lion soaking wet but all safe and well at 10pm for a night cap. Perfect end to a great adventure!  Total journey length of 180 miles. Thank you very much to everyone that supported the endeavour. We hope that you will see the results next season. ...  by the Shepperton Bike Ferry near Chertsey. The route follows the Thames majestically past Kingston ...  ... Hampton Court towards Richmond. As we closed in on Richmond ... ... we remarked on how the river managed to be so high yet retained within its banks ... Our young saviour Johaness proved the necessary local guide and around the back lanes past the polo ground to our overnight stop in Kew. ...  until .. it wasn’t, and we couldn’t continue. The following day in the rain we made it to the ground to enjoy day 3 of Australia v Pakistan, high up in the Edrich Stand. Great seats, great tickets courtesy of Giles Clarke to whom we are grateful, and safe secure parking for our bikes and luggage.