www.wrington.net Andy Wear welcomes Wrington and other Mendip Group WI members and husbands, to introduce them to the Fernhill Experience at the historic 160 acre farm, dating from 17C, which he runs with his wife, Jen, high on Mendip, near Compton Martin.  Every year the Big Green Gathering attracts 20,000 visitors to the farm. Andy is proud that one of his many innovations - dealing with both animal and human waste with a macerator and a series of ponds surrounded by willow trees - can cope with even such a massive influx. For visitors looking for a different kind of holiday experience, camping barns offer single storey dormitory style accommodation for 32 occupants, with the choice of self-catering and chef’s cooking. The buildings and other facilities are largely heated by the latest wood-burning furnace, fed by the farm’s own wood, which heats 3 huge, efficiently insulated water tanks, assisted by a large array of solar panels. The kitchen garden employs a number of simple techniques relevant to the needs of growers everywhere, at home and abroad. The broad range of activities on the farm mean groups of young people, from schools and elsewhere, often come to stay and find out about farming in a practical and enjoyable way. Click thumbnail to enlarge Click thumbnail to enlarge