Wrington Annual Parish Meeting              Thursday, 24th May, 2012
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No more than a couple of dozen people - including parish councillors and speakers - gathered in the Memorial Hall to hear a strong selection of guest speakers talk about matters likely to impact greatly on the lives of all residents in rural areas - especially the coalition government’s new Localism Act and the possibility of an elected Mayor of Bristol taking control across a range of policy areas in the old Avon Area. Questions were asked about the actions of the developers in reducing the height of the old stone wall along the northern edge of the Brook House site, and the alleged requirement placed upon them by by North Somerset Highways Department to create a road junction with the site, which will necessitate 90 degree turns by drivers entering and leaving Silver Street. Finally, plans were outlined for Barley Wood, by prospective purchaser Kate Woodhouse. She explained that her three personal background interests in public health and housing, creative and artistic activities, and Buddhism had all contributed to her feeling that Barley Wood was the ideal location for activities which would include, after discussions with the parish council, erecting wood dwellings in certain areas of the state. She has already had promising discussions with artists at the Walled Garden studios, especially a potter. She has been developing her ideas in conjunction with a number of organisations who will be contributing to the funding of the purchase, and Ms Woodhouse agreed to send the parish council a copy of her business plan.
Chris Head, West of England Rural Network Fiona Burke, Parish Clerk          David Glynn, Chairman Some main provisions of the new act Alan Davies, Operations Director, Bristol Airport Prof John Adams, Wrington Twinning Association
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Chris Head Deborah Yamanaka, NS Councillor Kate Woodhouse, potential purchaser of Barley Wood estate PCSO Yvette Mayo