An afternoon at the Old Rectory: Weston HospiceCare              Saturday, 14th July, 2012
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: Despite a dreadful weather forecast, the Wrington Vale branch of Weston HospiceCare Supporters Group set up their gazebos, laid out their stalls, boiled their kettles  and baked their cakes ready for a steady stream of people coming into the superb garden of the Old Rectory, Broad Street, Wrington, by kind invitation of Pippa and David Marsh. Bill Dale, Dave Gale and Tina Gue provided a melodious background and, mirabile dictu, for a fair bit of the time, the sun shone. It couldn’t last, of course - the sunshine that is - and half an hour before the due finish time the heavens opened. With any luck, though, a worthwhile amount was raised for this most deserving of causes.
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