Wrington Diamond Jubilee Beacon at Pine Farm              Monday, 4th June, 2012
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Third time lucky ... ....  Report and photos by Trevor Parnham Walking up Old Hill after a hectic day gardening and/or decorating, we soon began to wonder whether we’d made the right decision. Having crossed the field from Old Hill to Wrington Hill, we were then faced with an even steeper climb to the beacon. The effort was so worthwhile - the views from the beacon stunning for the crowd of people who’d also made the journey. Difficult to tell in the dark but my guess is 2-300 people gathered in anticipation of the event - a creditable effort. Liquid refreshment was available, if anyone wanted it. Even though the night was slightly hazy, we could see as far as the top of Mendip, Weston-Super-Mare, Uphill, Burrington, Blagdon and, when the beacons were lit, in the far distance, the Quantocks. All this accompanied by a brilliant moon behind the pine trees to the east. Sometime after 10pm lights started to appear as the various beacons were lit, some with firework displays adding to the effect. At 10.15 the Wrington beacon was lit, despite the first couple of attempts failing as the fire refused to catch.   Haydn Garrett’s gentle coaxing finally did the job. These minor problems just added to the atmosphere of community and celebration amongst the gathered throng .... the overwhelming feeling I was sensing throughout this unique weekend.  
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