Wrington School Junior Art Club Jubilee  work             Saturday, 2nd June, 2012
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After School Art Club  run by Julie Kingcott, exhibits work for their Jubilee projects: 1 a collage using scrap materials to form a front to be made into a commemorative cushion; 2 Bunting taking a template from the Jubilee painting ‘...whilst ma’ams away’created by Julie, the children created their own colour image onto fabric,. This was then cut and stitched to create a string of bunting. All art projects are exhibited in The Gallery, High Street, Wrington. Next projects:   Olympic Games; Wrington School Fair: recycling project for Year 6 pupils creating their own ‘Bazaar Boutique’
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community art template bunting template
Jubilee Community project Julie with the templates she prepared for the bunting project, and the community art project on Sunday, 3rd June at the Broad Street party. The image Julie designed for that was planned out onto a large canvas to enable everyone to contribute to the painting by means of a finger print. The finished work will then be scanned and printed into small stamp size reproductions that will be mounted and made available to members of the public to purchase – all profits to go to the Crossroads Young Careers Charity.  Project has been sponsored by local business man – Mark Lewis
Finished community portrait