Wrington WI host Bristol Post Office Choir              Thursday, 13th December, 2012
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Jacky Seymour, a Wrington postie, being welcomed by Wrington WI President, Chris Parnham at the WI Christmas party. Jacky brought along other members of the Bristol Post Office Choir, one of four workplace choirs formed in the recent BBC series featuring the amazing skills of Gareth Malone in bringing together people with no previous singing experience, and encouraging them to scale the heights of performance. The warm-up to their performance on this occasion was provided by the WI Drama Group with readings about the four seasons. Songs on the same theme provided an opportunity for audience participation, in which the visitors enthusiastically joined in. The evening was videoed for DVD, copies of which are on sale in The Treasury, 4, High Street, Wrington. The full purchase price of £5 will be passed on to the Post Office Choir who are raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.
Introduction by choir member Ruth, who thinks she may well join WI ! The choir sing: Return to Sender ... ... We can work it out ... ... How Can I Keep from Singing ... ... The Rhythm of Life ... ... and their shirts carry the message of what they're all about now ... Cam Beck reads Browning: Home Thoughts from Abroad Lin Read: Shakespeare's Shall I compare thee ... Heather Hodge reads her own poem: Just Sitting Audience join in singing Jenny Tarr reads a piece by a primary school pupil: Autumn Rosemary Hodges reads Roger McGough: Just another Autumn Day Margaret Barker reads another primary school pupil's poem: Snow Gabrielle Wilson reads: Winter Ritual More audience participation ... The accompanist receives her just desserts ...